Jay P from Butte.

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Hey, it’s the Petervary’s callin in…we’re in Butte, its about 11 AM, we’re getting ready to head out of here. Yesterday was a very trying day, it was a lot of passes we climbed…I think about five, and we left our Spot in Lincoln, and when we got to Helena we had to get our cassette and chain replaced because it was worn down already…and so, we had a great day performance-wise, cleaned all of the passes which was really cool…and, that was good times. Then, made it to Helena in about 12 hours and had a 3 hour mechanical there. So, that’s what was goin’ on. We made it into Basin last night about midnight and slept in some dog crap…and then made it into Butte this morning, had some breakfast, we’re at the bike shop now and just gettin’ ready to head out. So, alright, we’ll talk to you soon and…we’ve got another Spot so hopefully that should be up working in a little bit. We’re going to be getting the Love Shack back on track…alright, talk to you later. -DB


Go tandemeers

Doing well folks!

You have a whole bunch of offfroad tandemeers following you - from all over the worl - UK based here - no pressure now but you HAVE to show those half bike riders what its all about!

Seriously - well done and keep on going!

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