Jay P calls from Helena

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Tuesday afternoon. It is 3:00. It is Jp & Tracey. We made it to Helena.  We are sitting here at Taco Del Sol having a fat burrito which is awesome. Props to them. Thank you. We are getting our bikes worked on. A little bit, super dry hub in the rear getting my fork sort of aired up and making sure I take a pumped on the trail.  We lost our spot unit so for people who think we are just sitting there or traveling with someone else, we are not. We are going to try to buy one or get another one along the way or have on sent somewhere. We will work on that ourselves. We don’t know where anyone else is but that is fine we like it like this. We are going to be pushing on into Basin and then onto Butte.  We will talk to you guys later this evening. Ok, great. Have a good day. 


Ah thanks! I play your

Ah thanks! I play your recordings to Kitty and B as we sit in front of the computer. They said "Hi mom and dad GO Team P". Enjoy guys!
Yeah boyeeee, you guys kick some bootie.

spot has been found

to everyone watching i got a call from the helena forest service office about 2:30 telling me that my spot had been found on a dirt road . so tomorrow i will be driving to helena to pick it up and i will try to get it back to Tracey and JP around Lima .

Ride Fast and Smile Big ,

Spot recovery>R&D

Nice work Andy, R&D wake up call to SPOT, Let's find a way to make a smaller unit???


Forgive my ignorance people, I'm new to this sport, and just an onlooker, certainly not a participater, what is "a Spot"???? Curious as to what Tracey and Jay lost....... Thanks!
Shelly in Florida


A Spot is a GPS tracking device. http://www.findmespot.com/en/


You are almost (back) in WY!!!!


We're watching & listening Tracey & JayP. You guys are doing awesome! Looking forward to the next update! xoxox Shelly, Jose' & the girls!

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