Jeff calls from Butte with more tales from the darkside!

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Yea, so this is Jeff Kerby, and I'm just calling in to say that I left Helena yesterday about noon, and immediately, head wind like crazy... uh..I don't even know how far I climbed- it was a miserable experience. At one point, I hung a left when I should've went right on this snowmobile trail, so I went down into these rocks and I knew, kinda sorta right away that it was wrong, but it took a long time to hike out. Well, I left the bike, because I wasn't sure I was wrong, and I hiked up and saw these two women. And I was like, can you help me? And they looked at me and they're like all, "Let me get somebody- and they said 'Josh!!!'" Well, Josh comes out of the brush, and he has this half mullet/half mohawk thing going on, and he has clown eyes painted on his face, tattooed, and he has this 3 inch salamander lizard thing on his index finger, and he's stroking it. Well, he comes up and asks me to admire it. And I'm like, admire it? Hell man, can you help me get to D1. He didn't know anything. All he did was stare at this damn lizard like Golem in Lord of the Rings or something. Ah, you know what? The alien thing wasn't even this scary, nothing was this frightening. I just wanted to go home at that point, you know...  I don't know, you figure in Montana, that's where he was probably straight from the meth lab... but Anyway, made it through and I'm currently with Steve McGuire and Rob in Butte. I'm just happy to be alive, and didn't get acosted by the circus animals. Anyway, I'll call from the next town. Bye.


Classic Kerby.

Classic Kerby.

are you kidding me?

That was the most rad, unreal, and completely unexpected phone update I have ever heard.
Mohawk-Mullet clown-face, with a lizard? That is priceless, and yes, I too am very, very happy Mr. Kerby is still with us. Makes the bears sound like cuddly play things. dang....


This is the best Divide call-in. Ever.

still laughing

This was great!! So entertaining to hear about the meth lab, clown face, tattoo, salamander stroking man in Montana. I'm sorry you had an awful experience but it made for a great story!
Keep riding strong!

-Vanessa (Deanna Adams sister)


That is freaking hillarious. I love it. Thanks for sharing!

-Plesko's wife

Jeff, I gotta give it to you.


I gotta give it to you. You got some sense of humor;) Keep it coming...

Howdy! I'm from Helena and


I'm from Helena and I've heard of these folks. My friend was running in that same area and these creepy hillbillies followed her around. Apparently they live in these little shacks in the woods and creep about. I hope this doesn't paint a picture of what all Montanans are like, because most of us are friendly and don't have clown tattoos.

Livin' the Dream on the Great

Livin' the Dream on the Great Divide! Great story.....can't make this stuff up. Keep on rollin' man.

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