John Fettis calls in from Sparwood, BC

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June 13th - Day 2

"Hi this is John Fettis, calling in from Sparwood, BC.

We had a nice leisurely start from Elkford this morning, we just had a huge breakfast and we're good to go into the flathead. I'm with Alan Goldsmith and Steve Wilkinson, and it's looking good - weather is fine.

Awesome day yesterday in the mountains. Saw the first ever bear shit on the trail! That's it for now, looking forward to getting to the border.

Bye for now!"


Listen to the latest call from this racer here!


Keep Smiling Johnno

following your progress. The boys are amazed that we can do that while your half way round the other side of the earth!!! Looks fantastic. All the Best CP,K,Alex and Will

good job

Good job John, sounds like you are enjoying it so far.. don't suppose it compares at all to 'church side' for toughness! will be keeping an eye on thing's good luck mate



At least you're used to seeing 'bearsign' - plenty of it in Woburn Woods!


Gann on bonny lad ! show them how its done wor kid. spot leada board is betta than watchin the tour on the tele,


Gann on son, this is better than watching the toon, just think your on an extended blind course and some of the Metro lads are chasing, cant be any harder than the foor day...keep ya pecker up.


How wa Fettis just checked your position, have ya gone off course mate ? how wa pull ya sell tegether and catch that bloke a heed of ya.

Hi John, glad to hear you are

Hi John, glad to hear you are surviving well and enjoying it...there is a long way to go yet! Take care and happy riding, see you soon xxx

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