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Hi. This is Kevin Hall calling in from Sparwood. Calling to let everybody know, things are going well. There’s some great scenery out there. Saw some rams, grizzlies, couple frogs, lot of birds, lot of elk. Stayed over at Thumbery Canyon?? cabin last night and I’m going to take on the new section here in just a little bit. Just wanted to wish everyone back home… I hope everybody’s been able to follow me online. The scenery is just great. As I came into the cabin last night there was a huge rainbow right over the cabin. Just some beautiful scenery. I’m holding up pretty well. The bike’s holding up pretty well…making a few funny sounds. My back rack busted a screw. I’ve had to use some zip ties to try to keep that intact. Hopefully it will stay intact until I get to Whitefish and take care of that. But, anyway, that’s about all the news I have to go. I’ve tried to pull up the internet here at the Sparwood library try to see the Leaderboard, but their internet is down right here at the time. This is Kevin Hall signing off. It’s about 2:36 mountain time in from Sparwood, Canada. Good luck to all the racers. Hello to my family. Love you all very much. I’ll try to give you a call tomorrow once I cross the border. Thank you.



What a guy

I don't know if you remember me or even care to wonder of whom I might be at this point in your journey. My hat is off to you. I have not seen you in years and I didn't remember you being this much of a gutsy kind of guy. You were a snoozer in my memory but you have obviously fooled me. I worked with you at Western Hills your first couple of years while you were teaching special ed and coaching Kelsie and all the other young golers. I was a sp. ed. person who did testing as I finished my days in Franklin Co. I retired in the spring of 2004.
I just want you to know I am in awe of your efforts to do this race. It was so cool to see the article of you in the local paper.Having spent time at Glacier hiking and in New Mexico hiking I have a real sense of where you are. May your journey be beautiful in spite of the intensity of this challenge. I'll be following you.Please send me a note upon your return and share a story or two. I wish you all I've got, from one Hall to another. Peace and good health. maureen

Into the U.S.!

Hey Kevin, you're doing great! I see you just made it to the U.S. border. Still have memories of having dinner at that milkshake place alongside the road with you south of Fernie, BC last year and camping out at that church near Baynes Lake. Sorry you are having problems with your rear rack, AGAIN! Last year I had to resort to using zip ties for my rack too, but that was just a couple days before the end. Don't worry, I'm sure the bike shop in Whitefish or wherever can help you out there. Anyhow, stay strong and keep on chuggin' away!

hey kevin

Hey Kevin,
I am your in-laws neighbor!! Saw your article in the paper!! What a great challange to take on!!!
Wish you the best of luck!
I would like to pledge " ONE Cent" per mile to your cause. I work in Frankfort at Southworth Insurance on East Main, we would love to be a sponser for you and your track team!! I also used to run track back in school and have a lot of fond memories!!
Good luck be careful

Christina Routt

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