Kurt called in from above Abiquiu

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Hey y'all, it's Kurt, calling from my cell phone, high above Abiquiu. It's 5:00, I've been riding since five this morning, and feeling really good. Last night, I was worried about getting across Brazos Ridge and some of the sections around there that were supposedly really muddy. They were on the verge of being impassable during riding, but not quite. I was able to ride 'em, and was running hard from a storm that was coming in. Fortunately, I beat the storm just barely to the really rocky stuff. So I was able to ride all that wet stuff, but there were some nasty tracks from other people who had tried to ride it, tourists maybe, or Matt, and it looked like they didn't have so much luck. But that really wasn't that bad, and I slept somewhere up high in the northern New Mexico mountains last night, in some nice Aspen.

Had another strange encounter with a porcupine this morning that came flying out of the bushes at me. I think I startled it and it fell out of the bush it was in or something. It was... strange. Porcupines are out to get me, I think.

Up high on the south side of Abiquiu, it's just really nice up here. I'm loving it. Tomorrow, lots of road, road riding, so I'm trying to get psyched for that, but that's just tough at this time. But we'll see! That's the way it goes. Alright, later.


Keep it going Kurt! You're

Keep it going Kurt! You're doing incredibly well. Sounds like you're enjoying it so much that you're ready for more.

Regards from Singapore,


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