Kurt calls in from Platoro

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Howdy all, it's Kurt. I am up in Platoro at the lodge. It is pouring outside, and it's been doing this for about the last four hours or so, so it was kind of slow riding coming up, but the mud was decent mud and didn't really clog anything up except for one really short section down near town. Gary rode with me for the first 40 minutes or so, it was nice to have company for at least the paved section. The scenery is great up here, but it's kind of frustrating that you can't see anything because it's raining hard most of the time. I'm going to get some food here, and then press on. At least see what the mud at the New Mexico border looks like. No way of knowing without actually getting there. We'll see, hopefully it's not too horrendous, but tI don't know. Alright, that's all for now.


Go Kurt

Hey Kurt,
I've been trying to check in on your progress just about everyday. We are amazed that you are doing this. We are all cheering you on back here in New Jersey. Love ya.

Aunt Diane


Hi Kurt's family! I just got Chris's first memory card from his camera in the mail (covers Banff to Salida) -- since Chris and Kurt rode together for so long, there are a lot of pictures of Kurt in there that I'm sure you'd love to see.


-Plesko's wife

Thanks for the photos

Thanks for the photos. Fantastic scenery and great to see how they've progressed.

Kurt's Uncle Jeff in Singapore

Thanks for sharing Chris's photos

Marni, thanks for sending us the link to Chris's photos. We really enjoyed seeing them and getting a better feel for the places they have been riding.

We're following the race closely and wishing the best for all the riders. It sounds like the rain and mud are presenting some serious challenges to the riders.

It was great to meet you in Banff, and we hope you have a safe trip to New Mexico to meet Chris.

Maureen and Ron Refsnider

Thanks for sharing all of

Thanks for sharing all of those pictures. The scenery was amazing and it was great seeing Kurt and the others in action.

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