Kurt calls from Salida!

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Hey, it's Kurt! I'm in Salida. The last couple days have been kind of hard. Yesterday had some really challenging terrain in Gore Canyon. It took it's toll on both Chris and I, and Chris ended up going into Kremmling for the night last night. I pushed on and got all the way up to Ute pass around midnight and slept up there. My goal today was to get to Salida here, to the post office before they closed at five, so I pushed hard. Managed to make it from Ute pass all the way through Silverthorne and Hartsel to Salida here by about 4:00 or so. Now I'm at Absolute Bikes having some more work done on my bike - new tire, new bottom bracket, that sort of thing. Definitely this has taken it's toll on the gear, but it's holding up fairly well. Nothing catastrophic since the incident in Wyoming.  Next up is headed into the Cochetopa hills, which I'm looking forward to. Some familiar territory over there, and I really like it, so it should be fun. Alright, talk to you guys later.


Looking good and sounding

Looking good and sounding good Kurt!

Hi Kurt

Hi Kurt, I'm currently in Bangkok, Thailand watching your progress from the links that your Mom gave me. I'm amazed. I've told people here what you're doing and they're equally amazed. Keep it going. Ride safely.


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