Kurt with Chris in Lima

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Hey Kurt here uhh Chris and I just rolled into Lima. It’s noon on Thursday….day seven so ya Thursday, it’s been a rather epic last 24 hrs or so … with a great ride over the passes outside of Button just gorgeous up there . Life is good then Chris and Joe and I got split up a little bit didn’t know where each other were I think mother nature told us it wasn’t time to split up and just slammed us with a storm…we actually regrouped but the uhh road over Banik was horrible and things got worse from there. We ended up staying at a ranch up most of the way up Banik pass and pushed through the mud floor for most of this morning. Joe’s bike is broken now so he has not yet arrived but Chris and I are gonna push on after getting a good meal and cleaning our bikes up here so for Chris and I at least things are looking up and we’re looking forward to crossing the Idaho border later today. Alright cool talk to ya guys later!



Uh, oh, Joe's bike is "broken?" But it seems he's still riding in.


Joe's got a plan. Should be back out on coarse tomorrow. Go Joe.

Oh, Joe...

Yeah, Joe! Get your bike back together and rock it!

-Chris's wife, Marni

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