Kurt, Joe, and Chris from Lincoln

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Kurt here! I am with Chris and Joe. We rolled into Lincoln a little bit ago. We were able to get some groceries and are now looking for a restaurant to get some dinner. Today went really well. My legs are finally starting to come around. Got over Richmond pass and over Huckleberry. Huckleberry is just gorgeous. We have had fairly good luck with the weather.  Things are looking up and tomorrow we are heading South. We will try to get a few more passes behind us. Until next time. Later!


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Hi Kurt,

I always knew you were insane but your participation in this race confirms it. Keith directed me to this website and several of us from Madison are tracking your progress. It appears you are feeling well and enjoying yourself. I look forward to hearing more about your experience. Remember, those grizzlies won't track and eat you like those polar bears will in August. Keep healthy. t.

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