Matthew Lee is in Butte hangin’ with Rob Leipheimer

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Heyyy MTBcast Mathew Lee here calling from The Outdoorsmen in Butte. The weather looks good for now. I’ve been hanging out with Rob Leipheimer, and uhh  catching up… swapping stories about the giro talking bout Levi's prospects for the tour  um doing a little bike work getting cleaned up, eating the various attended needs. Anyway I’m headed up now hoping everyone else is doing well. Staying dry. K bye.




Hey Matthew! We are so proud

Hey Matthew! We are so proud of you and you are truly amazing on that bike! Bob Allen sent photos. I hope you remain safe and healthy and that all is serendipitous the entire route! love katie, henry and loki.

Looking great Matt! Keep the

Looking great Matt!
Keep the adventure rollin all the way to Mexico!

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