Matthew Lee calls in from Antelope Wells, NM!

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Listen to Matthew’s call here!



Come home daddy! You're our hero!


This is Don Baumgardt in El Paso - if you talk to Matthew tell him I've got a friend who can pick him up if he's coming this way - I'm in the book.


Fantastic ride!!
Congratulations Matt!!

Sarah and Jess (Spotwatchers from over the pond!!!)

oh, btw

farrah fawcett died and then like 2 hours later michael jackson died. no, i'm serious..:)

Wow is right!

Congrats on the finish! Those jets are totally saluting you in your great race!
Way to GO!

hey thanks to you, I got out

hey thanks to you, I got out of my chair and pedaled around the lake a few times.

oh; I also saved up all winter and bought a new bicycle, on piece at a time.

hey thanks to you, I wont be trapped on the concrete any more.

Arm Chair Guy


Thank you! I left Matt a message on his phone in case he doesn't see the site before!


Awesome gritty effort to slog your way across the Rockies the hardest way possible. Pedal power has no limits under your iron determination! Every time is just as amazing as the last.


You are one tough man - back here over the pond we cannot believe you completed the route so quickly through all that nightmare peanut butter mud. You deserve a rest not to mention an olympic medal

Catherine (Paul's wife) and family

Way cool!

Way to git er done ML!

Great Job.

I love hearing your call ins. Its nice when the GOOD GUY finishes First. We were watching you all the way. I know you are anxious to get back to little man. Enjoy your victory and what is all this nonsense "Oh, I haven't been training...".

Sherry O.


That's a very, very impressive effort, especially given the conditions AND your extra responsibilities as a dad.


Just awesome, really! Amazing achievement, especially considering the weather.
And the time spent finding the glasses? Just underscores the result. Congratulations
to you and all of the racers. Those still riding as well as those who are not.



You are totally unbelievable. How can you do this so many times and kick ass each time? Congrats and now get back to your family as soon as you can and get some well desired rest.


Thanks for bringing home another win for Carrboro

Cool Jets!

That's a very, very

That's a very, very impressive effort, especially given the conditions AND your extra responsibilities as a dad.

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