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Hello everybody. Paul Howard calling in from Whitefish. It's 8.00am on Tuesday 16th. The sun is shining and I'm enjoying breakfast for the first time in three days. It doesn't look too hilly today and I intend to have an easier day, after two tough days, trying to get to Holland Lake or camp at Holland Lodge but if I'm a little short it won't matter. Yesterday wasn't too bad - 10.5 hours from Eureka. The climb up to Red Meadow Lake was fantastic and it was a beautiful spot. The day before was frustrating as well as tough. Frustrating because it was 114 miles not 104 miles to Roosville and we were told to "just gain" 9 of those which was 3,500' to 4,500' of Golton Pass. Also when it says "hike a bike" it doesn't say you're likely to lose your bike in the river, break your gear changer or break your ankle especially after 30+ other riders have gone through and churned up the shalely ground. Also Cabin Pass was only briefly mentioned. Its all very well taking on an adventure and taking on the unknowns but most of the rest of it isn't quite unknown and frankly when there is a revision the reroute could be better described. Still a jacuzzi at this wonderful hotel, has made me feel a lot better.


Paul Howard's Books

This is a message for Paul Howard to say we are all following with HUGE enthusiasm his progress. In fact I now have our neighbour and one of the dad's at school (who has read "Riding High" and is very excited that I am related to the author!) keeping track of your ride. We are loving the blogs and are spending far too much time at the PC looking out for further updates. It's addictive! If you pick up this message Paul, we are very proud of you!

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