Race Report: Into Day 20

Stagecoach Reservoir

What a busy and crazy day on the route. With Cricket Butler dropping today, and Chris Plesko finishing we are now down to 19 racers still in the game plus Bruce Giroux, Justin Kline, and Martin Rendl still touring the route as well.

Finishers so far:
Matthew Lee - 17d23h45m
Kurt Resfnider - 18d11h30m
Jay and Tracey Petervary- 18d13h50m – setting the course tandem record
Chris Plesko – 19d00h21m – setting the new singlespeed record

Scratches so far:
Rick Ashton – (Disqualified himself after going into Lima for food and missing a section of the route)
Cadet Bryant pulls out with a bad knee!
Cricket Butler dropped today from Hartsel
Kevin Dean
Josh Ficke
Bruce Giroux – (Disqualified himself after missing a section in the Flathead addition but intends to continue)
Brunello Godio – dropped from Rawlins
Kevin Hall
Jacob Johnsrud – dropped from Butte
Jeff Kerby
Justin Kline (intends to continue touring the route)
Steve McGuire
Rudiger Muller
Jeff Naylor
John Nobile
Jeremy Noble
Ray Porter – dropped from Lima
Martin Rendl – (Disqualified himself after skipping a section between Lincoln and Helena but intends to continue)
Matt Thourot

Polvadera Mesa

ITT News: Pete Basinger, who was doing a time trial of the route was injured last night coming off of Indiana Pass when he had a head-on collision with a truck. Here is the call-in from Jill who was a little shaken up after coming across the ambulances. Then we got an update this morning from Scott Morris: “Pete was released from a hospital in Pueblo last night. That’s a very good sign. The word is that he has broken bones in his arms, but no critical injuries.”

Coming into the finish:

Kurt Reffsnider finished with a time of 18d11h30m. Also, Jay and Tracey finished last night with a time of 18d13h50m. Chris Plesko finished this morning with a time of 19d0h21m and explained that he ran out of reading literature while being spun out on the lonely highway.

Next up is a pretty big group of guys who will finish in a couple of days. It looks like Joe Meiser, Alan Goldsmith, Steve Wilkinson and Cannon Shockley have all stopped Pie Town for the evening with Eric Bruntjen not far behind. John Fettis, Blaine Nester, and Leighton White headed out into the Gilas tonight.


Jamie Thompson called in this evening from the NM border and shared his siren/love stories from the Divide.  Dario Valsesia will be reaching Pie Town around mid-day tomorrow and Jill Homer and Jamie Thompson should both be reaching Abiquiu around that same time. Deanna Adams, who is aiming to set the fixie record has made it to Colorado today.



I think you all are amazing athletes and hope that no matter where you may have finished your race that you had an experience that was rewarding!

ya ridin or hidin

definitely not hidin, way to go Jamie, We are enjoying following you and your call-in's. Keep the faith brother. Terry

sad news

My heart totally goes out to Jill seeing her fellow racer in the ambulance and questioning her own intentions. I really am glad that there were not any "critical injuries".

-Vanessa (Deanna Adams sister)

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