Ray Porter pulls the plug!

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Healing Vibes - Your Way


So sorry to hear the knees gave out -- the slow wet cold conditions such a drag -- hope the artery heals quickly and you will be strong to enjoy riding again soon. Have a safe trip home - it's even more lonely out there now without you on the trail.

--Jamie's Aunt Candy
Los Alamos, NM



You know everyone back here in Dallas and the Pigs have been pulling for you. You are many peoples heros, just by havinghte balls to train and step up to the line for this you are mine. I am sure you will have 1000 stories to tell when you get home and you will probably have to tell them 1000 times. Ray I am proud to say I know you

Please let us know if you need anything. I am not sure how much we can help get you home but after your home I am sure we can find a guy or two in black and white to jump in and help out.

I hear Cope is great at mowing lawns and Johnny is great at doing half of anything.

Cya soon and take care getting home to Dallas

You're the man, Ray.

I'm proud of you, sir. Heal fast and heal thoroughly. See you around the trails, I hope.

Damn Proud


I am immensely impressed by you and so proud that we had a representative from Big D grindin it out on the Tour Divide. Just as everyone else said, let me know if you need anything.


Michael P. (tricky)

Awesome Job!!!

Willie Copeland here Ray, raced with you at the 24hrs of dirt at Rocky Hill last year solo single speed. I've been glued to this race since I found out you were lining up. Always checking the spot during the day at work just to check everyones progress, I was pulling for ya to finish. You did an awesome job brother!

Just look at it as a recon run for next year. I've always wanted to try this race. Maybe next year year we can line up together.

Hope everything heals up fast. Again, great job!

Cheers Willie C.

You are amazing

Ray, you are an incredible rider and I am so proud to say I know you. I know how hard it is to ride self supported for just a couple of days so to do what you have done totally blows me away. My silly three day trip on the colorado trail is nothing compared to what you have achieved.
Your mileage has been amazing and your ability to ride as long as you did without stopping for very long is nothing short of incredible.
When I grow up I want to be JUST like you!!!! :-D

Take care of that hand and I hope you heal up fast.

Hey Ray, you did more tham

Hey Ray, you did more tham most rides I know could have every done. Great job, heal fast. Your $100 went to JDRF and they thank you for your attempt. What you have attempted and done so well at is only a dream for most riders I know and just the opertunity to watch your progress and your stanima was inspiring. Good luck in the future and we'll look forward to riding behind you once you heal.


Ray Porter

Ray you have reset the standard again for Dorba members, and wannabe's to try to achieve! Heal up and tell your story because you have instilled dreams in many bikers locally and for away through your and your families efforts! You truly inspire. As Jack Nicholson said "You make me want to be a better man" this goes for all those better femen also!
santa ken

Ray, All of your Texas

All of your Texas family, friends, and followers are very proud of what you have done. Can't wait to hear all the stories you have to tell.
I can't even imagine what it was like. You will be back up and riding again soon, I am sure of it.
Will see you soon, take care.
Sheila & 'Brother' Tom

Every day we got stronger through your efforts

So many people were following you from Dallas and I suspect , like me, they were awestruck with your efforts. Every day as I followed your "spot" I was struck by your sheer determination and strength. If I had a bad day and I looked at your route, I reflected on what I assumed yours was like. My perspective of pain, effort, will and persistance is forever changed.

You have done more than you know.

Hope we get to meet you on the trails here in Dallas or at a DORBA meeting.


Ray, Your vision and efforts


Your vision and efforts have stoked my imagination.

Hope to see you soon,


Ray, there aren't words to tell you how proud we are of your accomplishments on the TD. We're pretty much speechless. We are thankful that you were in "civilization" when you were injured and are now on your way to a full recovery. We read books about people like you! We are inspired by your dedication and commitment to being your best. You can further inspire us by telling your stories! Thank you for your display of courage in the great arena! God bless you!

Per beats you... by a fraction

Hello Ray,

Hope you're fully recovered in the Texan sunshine. Just thought you might like to know that Per has probably pinched the 'most extreme way to stop riding' crown from you by falling onto his head and knocking himself out on a flat road with only 90 miles to go...

Enjoyed your company.


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