Rick calls from Sparwood!

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Hi, this is Rick calling on the TD. I'm now in Sparwood. Started out yesterday, feeling good. Uh, made it to Bolten Creek, and it started raining. So, I didn't want to try to get up over Elk Pass, and get caught up in a big storm up there.  I heard there was a lot of lightening up there that night.  So, I decided to spend the night there in Bolten Creek.  Stayed with Paul, Cadet, Bruce, and Martin and Jeff.  We all stayed at a campground just down from Bolten Creek.  Put our tents up in the rain, so it was raining.  Everything was wet.  Got up this morning early, went over the Pass, and had lunch in Elford, and we're staying in Sparwood.   We should get on the road early tomorrow to try to make it through the wilderness section, that detour, and make it to Eureka tomorrow.  So far, everything is doing pretty good.  The bike's holding up well.  My body's holding up.  I want to thank Craig Thompson from Tallahassee Chinese Medicine that got me to the starting line of this race.  Everything is doing fine right now.  So, we'll try to call in again tomorrow.

Listen to the latest call from this racer here!


Sparwood call

Way to go Rick ... it's great to hear your voice ...
I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to be up on top of a mountain during a lightning storm?
Take care of your equipment ... and yourself!
Know that we are all cheering for you and thinking well wishes for you.

Congratulations dad! It

Congratulations dad!

It sounds like you're definitely having a lot of fun!

Keep it up and stay safe! Watch out for those grizzlies!


Keep it up Dr. Pickles!

You are doing great ... and kicking butt!

Kim says hello, and wishes you lots of tailwinds...


Our hero!

Wow, Rick. Amazing journey so far. As I'm petrified of lightning, I'm glad you camped that night. Keep on keeping on and above all else, enjoy! Nice (and a little bit eerie hearing your voice).


It was neat hearing your voice after following the silent visuals for the last few days. You're doing what many of us dream about but are too afraid to do. Stay warm...and dry as much as you can, and watch out for bears! Keep us posted. This is better than TV!

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