Tracey calls from Abiquiu

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Hello, this is Tracey calling in from Abiquiu, NM. We are here at the Abiquiu Inn, we had a fan-tastic day of riding. We didn’t make it too far from the lodge last night and it started raining again so we pulled over at a little shelter and spent the night there, got some good rest and it really paid off today. We did some climbing and the downhills were super fun, super fun, and played it safe and made it down so now we’re here and gonna get some dinner and head over the next pass that’s coming up…there’s lots of mosquitoes here, but uh, what else is going on…Jay just cleaned up the bike, so that is getting ready, we got some more sunscreen…just having a really good time and when I looked at the map this morning it was very overwhelming and I pretty much had an anxiety attack and kinda got sick from looking at it…but now that its behind me it’s a really great feeling and um, yeah, we’re in good spirits and we met up with Chris and it was really nice to travel along with him for a little bit and talk and switch things up a little bit. Yeah, we’re almost there, I mean, maybe not almost, but we’re making it so, um, yeh, we’ll talk to you soon. Bye.


Tracey, you sound good!

I just started listening to podcasts, and, darn, Tracey, your voice sounds so fresh that it seems like tandeming might be a great way to do this ride! : ) Sure, that map was intimidating, but it seems to me that I can just tell that you're keep it'll get there in great shape! Congrats on how well you guys are doing! --JP

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