Tracey calls from Togwotee Lodge

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Good morning, this is T-Race and JayP calling in from Togwotee Mountain Lodge. A little recap from yesterday’s ride…made from Lake View, thru Big Springs, the Rail Trail was probably not my favorite part…wasn’t too crazy bad but um, yeah, carried over to Yellowstone National Park on the Ashton Flagg Ranch Rd…that was very beautiful, however, once getting into the Yellowstone National Park area the mosquitoes were outrageous. Definitely not the place to get a mechanical, or flat, or any kind of thing like that probably…good just to pee and get out of there. But uh, wind up making it over to Leak’s for some pizza last night which was awesome…broke a chain there, on the way over to there, saw a bear on the road, had to stop for that, and uh, the whistle worked pretty well, so uh, that wasn’t too bad. Made it to Moran Junction last night where we got some good sleep. It was a good place to sleep there. So uh, we’re here at Togwotee now, going to get some B-fast and head down to Pinedale is the goal for today. So, hopefully we have a great day and that’s what we’re looking forward to…everything’s great, everything’s holding’ up and we’ll talk to you later. Thanks.


Making Awesome Progress

Hey guys-

Wanted to let you know we mailed your package to your home in WY. So, no worries!

Looks like the "Love Shack" is having a great ride. Loved the video shot near Flag Ranch. You guys rock!

Cheers, stay safe. Everyone at the Outdoorsman is watching your progress.

Rick, Tech
Outdoorsman, Butte, MT

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