Trevor calls in from Sparwood

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Hey, this is Trevor Browne calling in.  Just arrived at Sparwood. It's about 10:30.  Just had a big breakfast and headed out soon to the Flathead Valley. Things are going good, did about 110 miles yesterday, but kind of paying for it now. My knees are getting kinda sore, but just barely beat a big lightening storm last night. But all is well. Seeing lots of animals. Saw a grizzly about 25 m from me and I quickly turned around after I saw him.  Other than that. the trail is in pretty good condition.  It's pretty wet, pretty mucky.  But everything else is pretty fun. Lots of beautiful scenery.  So today hope to do another 100 miles, if not just go as far as I can. and that's about it.  Say hello to my family and Rachel and I'll talk to you soon.  Bye.

Listen to the latest call from this racer here!


Trevor is SAVAGE!

Savage - go tinker!

Go Trevor Go!!!! Woohoo!!!

Go Trevor Go!!!! Woohoo!!!

Trevor Browne, you are one

Trevor Browne, you are one impressive mofo.

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