The Bikes They're Riding...

I took a quick tally from a riders data file that I have and found a few nifty details.

It looks like there are 4 singlespeeders out there.

About 9 fully rigid bikes started. 

Seven 26ers.

The rest are on 29ers with sus of some type...35+, approx.

About 20 bikes are custom or extra-small shop.

8 Fishers, 4 Giants.

(4 riders from the UK. 1 each from France, Germany and Canada.)

(Some riders didn't report very clearly and I was counting quickly...)

No fixie this year.

(Deanna Adams's cheapy homebrew fixie roadbike conversion from last year is my personal highwater mark for freakout bike culture.)


Single Speed Riders

Very cool - this is information I was looking for but couldn't find. I'm following our man the Mountain Turtle. Who are the other single speeders?


single speeders

Pete Faeth is on a single speed Gary Fisher 29er hardtail. His chain broke the first day during the night. He had to wait till 10:00 am next day to purchase one at a bike shop. He lost almost a full day but as you see he has wrangled himself back into the top 10 since then. He's an animal, watch out for him!

Pretty certain that Matthew

Pretty certain that Matthew Lee is on a Lefty-equipped Cannondale 29'er hardtail (at least that's what he rode last year).


Single Speeders: Pete Faeth, Brett Foster, Heather Dawe, Jon Billman, Kent Peterson. Also, maybe, Jeff Kerby?

Three of the Giant bikes are from the "Action and Motion" team of Christina Domecq, Simon Temple, and Grant Triplow.

Add Bikes to Leaderboard

Anyway to include any of this on the Leader Board? knowing the equipment folks are running might make for some more interesting insights. Keep up the good work everyone!

Aidan Harding is also on a

Aidan Harding is also on a singlespeed - and looks to be leading at the moment.


Would enjoy reading more on the bikes - mechanical issues (types & components), specifics - such as tire choices... and any other info people are willing to share.

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