Keep an Eye on Patrick Tsai!

...Our steadfast Lanterne Rouge.

It's not easy being out there when you're two states behind the leaders. Whups, correct that: he's now only one state behind!

Remember, he'll be on the trail for far longer than the faster riders.

Patrick is a rookie. He must be encountering a lot that's new.

The faithfulness of the final rider is worth a lot -- so keep your eye on him!

It doesn't look like he's called in yet... I wonder how it's going for him. Superfan Todd Ison visited with Patrick earlier (and took pics) and said he looked good. If anyone has more bio info or more recent news or sightings, please let us know!


I met Patrick at our team

I met Patrick at our team (Peace Coffee) meeting in Minneapolis this past spring and he seems like just a very laid back guy. My guess is that he may have run into a few problems early and decided if he was going to finish it would have to be at his own pace. I'm only speculating of course.
We're also doing a 100 mile gravel road race as a four man team in the fall so I'm sure he's saving himself for that. We all know how grueling those 100 mile one day races are compared to some wimpy 2700 mile multi- day thing.
At any rate my hat's off to him and everybody else who's attempted this epic.

Go Patrick!

The fact that Patrick hasn't called in, and his family and friends have not been posting on the forum, makes him a great mystery man for us arm-chair enthusiasts:) He is steadily moving forward at a good clip. Based on his arrival time in Steamboat, I think he's averaging ~95 miles per day. I imagine that he is doing exactly what every racer strives to do -- to stay focused, make good decisions, put forth his best effort, cope with a stream of unexpected obstacles, and have a good time along the way.

Today he breezed through Steamboat without spending enough time for much, if any, work at the bike shop. He and his gear must be holding up well.

I'm eager to watch him roll all the way to the border.

Keep at it Patrick!

I've watched this race from the beginning with a fascination that I can't even explain. These folks are doing the incredible, and it seems like they are not only amazing athletes, but some of the the most humble people I've ever heard of.

I was rolling at Dave Blumenthal's last recording where he was talking about how it seemed like the horses were trying to hit him up for lunch money. Combined with his sound effects - it was hilarious!

I've been fascinated by how amazing Matthew, Blaine, and Eric have done. I wish I could have ONE day as good as their worst day. They are amazing athletes.

I felt like I was punched in the gut on hearing the news about Dave, and moved at how much it has hit at the hearts of the other racers and those who were fortunate enough to have met him. What a huge tragedy and loss for his family, friends, and the bicycling world.

It appears that soon Matthew will win again, and yet, I know that I wont stop watching the news and updates until the last person is in. I hope whoever it is, they realize how incredibly inspired we all are with them. It will be in fact the one who comes in last that will motivate me the most - I will likely forever wonder if I could ever accomplish what they did.

I wish Patrick and all of the racers God speed, safe travels, and following winds. You all are my heroes, and my kids and I have cheered you on every mile.

The reason for silence...

Patrick has but 10 days to get whats left of his ass back to Minneapolis for a bike trip with friends, so you see he's far too busy hauling ass to bother calling in. Go Pat! You're amazing!

One more cheer for P. Tsai

I can add to the notes above only by saying Patrick is a focused, humble and dogged fellow. He is probably surviving on rocks and gravel for meals, sleeping in eagles' nests and hauling a 30-foot, neon-lighted "Bienvenido a México" sign to place at the end of the route—all while remaining unseen and unheard by the general public.

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