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MTBCast: Two calls from Tom Moriarty about his finish

Tom Moriarty gives us a couple of calls with some final thoughts and some thank you’s.

MTBCast: Grant Crosby called in with some final thoughts

Grant Crosby called in with a final call from El Paso.

MTBCast: Shawn Sheppard called in after finishing

Shawn Sheppard called in after his finish. He was getting ready to sleep. He finished with a time of 22:14:07.

Jon Billman and Brad Perry

Mass finish

Sure enough, Marshal Bird, Matthew Arnold and Mike Prochaska – in that order – all rolled through the night to make it to Antelope Wells in less than 22 days. Congratulations all round, and all the more so considering Matthew revealed riding out of the saddle for 5 ½ hours through the Gila to protect his rim due to a partially deflated tyre, and Milke confessed to having branded a calf with his tyre after riding into it in northern New Mexico. The Tour Divide is nothing if not an adventure.

John Foster and David Goldberg were next across the line in 10th and 11th place respectively. John had a punctured bladder, costing him three litres of water, and two flats to contend with on the last day. ‘There ain’t gonna be no rematch,’ said David.

Now it looks as though Grant Crosby, Derek Richert, Tom Moriarty and Jacob Johnsrud are all having a party at the border after finishing a couple of hours ago. Intriguingly, the split chart actually suggests something of a sprint finish, with Jacob apparently having clocked in two minutes faster than Tom and Derek, with Grant three minutes further back. Guess we’ll have to wait for the call-ins to see how that panned out.

Shawn Sheppard’s last call-in from Silver City suggests he’ll be at the finish by now as well, and Dave Preston is within an hour or two of joining them all. Well done all. It should be noted that Dave’s arrival comes in spite of his laying to claim to the unofficial TD title of dirtiest racer – there’s likely to be some pretty stiff competition out there, but he said he’d not managed to have a bath since Rawlins, which is impressive stuff. Read more »

MTBCast: Episode TD Day 23 GDR Day 16

MTBCast: Some final thoughts from those who finished today as we had 5 come in! There’s still a few on the final leg to Antelope Wells!

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MTBCast: Shawn Sheppard called in from Silver City

Shawn Sheppard called in from Silver City.

MTBCast: John Foster called in from the border

John Foster called in from Antelope Wells. He finished with a time of 22:05:42.

MTBCast: Matthew Arnold called in from the finish

Matthew Arnold called in with some thoughts about his finish. He finished with a time of 21:20:14.

MTBCast: Stephen Huddle called in from Cuba

Stephen Huddle called in from Cuba.