Not Bushwhack, Singletrack

The preliminary news is in from Flathead reroute scouts, Bill and Kathy Love of Whitefish, MT. The beta can be reduced to one critical word: Singletrack! They spent the greater part of three days sussing out the passes and looking for a connector between Wigwam FSR and Rabbit-Phillips FSR. They returned with exalting news: confirmed trail between the two FSRs. It was getting pretty tenuous at two weeks out from TD's grand depart, so the beta comes as grand relief. 2009 Tour Dividians will, indeed, be rewarded with first tracks along this remote backcountry passage. If this summer is successful, it's tentatively slated to become the ACA main route in the Fall reprint of the CA map.

More images and cue narrative to follow ASAP.

Trail on the "missing link" between Wigwam FSR and Rabbit-Phillips FSR

Above: Loamy 1 mile Singletrack Connector

Below: Cabin Pass, the 2nd of 3 passes in Flathead reroute


Singletrack connector

I am touring the Divide this July and am planning on taking this new route. I have been pouring over maps and Google Earth and so forth, and am very relieved to have my single-track suspicions confirmed. Thank you Bill and Kathy Love. I look forward to soon seeing more detailed route information.

you are welcome

It was our pleasure- had not spent much time in that country and you don't hear much about it. Very beautiful and remote feeling. Definitely planning to do some loops up there and riding into Waterton- If you are touring and have the time I hear that Akamina pass is a mellow way over the divide into the park. The connector was very nice-I pretty easy to follow blazed trail along the river bottom with a quick grunt at the end. We saw a moose calf nursing from its mom along the river.

Singletrack Connector

This is great news about the connector. I can't wait to see this whole new section of the route and am excited about the new connection between the FSRs. On behalf of all racers, many thanks to Bill and Kathy. Love to see the cue narrative before I leave for Banff.


Can't wait to see this new

Can't wait to see this new section - it looks absolutely incredible. And now with a bit of singletrack to boot! Thanks, scouts!

How hard to find connector?

I'll be heading out on the CDN GDR [south to north] starting this weekend. Just wondering how hard it would be to find the connector single track? We'd like to try the alternate route.



Found: Lost token on connector

Was just touring last week on the race route. While on the singletrack connector (in the hike-a-bike section going Southbound), I found what looks to be someone's good luck charm that says "Safe Journeys" on one side an an icon on the other. If it's yours and has sentimental value, shoot me an e-mail and I'll snail-mail it to you.


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