Two Wheels on My Wagon

Paul Howard (TD`09) has released a new cycling book as of April, available in the UK from Mainstream Publishing. US distribution to be determined. Two Wheels on My Wagon is about Paul's experience racing one of the worst-weather editions Divide racing has seen in it's 10 year lifespan. Here's a snippet of his writing style from a TD Guardian story run in Nov.`09. reviewed the book. As well, there's a blurb at

Two Wheels on My Wagon is available directly from Mainstream or Amazon UK


As bicycle races go, the attractions of the Tour Divide are not immediately apparent. For a start, it is the longest mountain-bike race in the world, running nearly 3,000 miles down the Rockies from Canada to Mexico. But the distance is not the only challenge - the total ascent of 200,000 ft is the equivalent of scaling Mount Everest nearly seven times. Then there are the dangerous animals likely to be encountered on the route: grizzly bears, mountain lions and wolves, not to mention rattlesnakes and tarantulas. Worse, the rewards for all this effort are strictly limited. Unlike in the Tour de France, there is no fabled yellow jersey and no prize money. Yet, undaunted, and in spite of never having owned a mountain bike, Paul Howard signed up. Battling the worst weather for generations, drinking whiskey with a cowboy and singing karaoke with the locals, Howard's journey turned into more than just a race - it became the adventure of a lifetime.

About the Author:

Paul Howard's first book, Riding High, was shortlisted for the National Sporting Club's Best New Sports Writer prize, while his account of Jacques Anquetil's life, Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape, was shortlisted in the Biography of the Year category at the British Sports Book Awards.


Two Wheels on My Wagon

This is a great book for anyone interested in the TD or Divide Racing in general. It was a lot of fun to read Paul's account of his TD race, especially since he was a few days behind me for most of the trip so we each experienced different weather at various place on the route. It was also funny to read the impressions of an Englishman on the Great Divide.

If you are planning a 2010 or later Divide Race I recommend reading this book as part of your preparation. It is available on the American site.


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