Tour Divide 2008

01 - Reuben Klein and Matthew Lee in Banff NP


Hey dude

Wow, those photos are nothing short of awe inspiring.

So I heard all about your injury last week and was immeasurably disappointed. I had been following your progress every day on the leaderboard and was completely stoked with how well you were doing. I bet you would have won the tour.

Anyway we'll all have to do something awesome to celebrate your valiant adventure and its tragic end. Let me know when you are up for some chaos.

- John

Thanks for sharing..

Thanks for posting the pictures. Gives us so much more perspective than just seeing the SPOTs on Google Earth :o) We read about all of the snow when the riders call in, but seeing is believing....the depth and danger involved...Yikes!
My hat (and heart) goes out to all of you riders. For all of the trials and tribulations, pain and suffering, joy and accomplishment. WOW!
~Great Job. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Stunning images...

Thanks for sharing your pictures wit h us. Wow, can't believe there is so much snow up there. It definitely was lot, lot better the last year. Then again, I passed through most of these places in mid-July. BTW, Canada looks nice;)

Kevin, Boy that country is

Kevin, Boy that country is all awesome. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You guys have done a great job of determination and strength. Get better and heal up. Our prayers are with you. If you are ever in Southern New Mexico, Alamogordo. Please stop in to stay for a visit or just to say hi. God Bless Great Job Kevin.

Gratitude & Good wishes!

Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for sharing these photos. It is great for my children and me to have a visual of what you have ridden through. You Tour Divide riders have shown more strength and determination than most people do in a lifetime. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery of your achilles tendon. Take good care.

The Dion family