Adrian Stingaciu

Adrian Stingaciu calls in from Helena

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Hi this is Adrian Stingaciu a/k/a Super Vegan. Calling in from Helena, MT on Wednesday June 18th at 5:48 pm. I just into town a few minutes ago and ate some figs and pecans and called home. Just wanted to call in and update my situation. Left from Lincoln, this morning after I picked up my food drop at about 8AM. Road over 4 passes so far, 4 because one of them, the first Continential Divide Crossing, I actually made a mistake in the directions and I ended up almost going over a different pass and I had to go down back 3-4 miles. So I ended up doing about almost 4 passes so far. Read more »

Adrian Stingaciu Sees a Yeti

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Hi this Adrian Stingaciu a/k/a Super Slow Vegan. I'm in Lincoln, MT, Tuesday, June 17th 9:31pm. Just got into town. Road about half the day today with Mary and yesterday I rode about half the day with Mike Dion. Yesterday we ended up getting lost, me and Mike. I couldn't figure out where we were for a while until we backtracked about 4 miles. But it was a worthwhile detour since we got to see a newborn baby fawn and just before that we saw a momma bear with cub right next to the road. Today was a good day, but a couple of strong passes. Richmond Peak was full of snow. Read more »