TD Rule #5 FAQs

Rule 5 reads...

Shipping/receiving supplies (to the course): In the name of equal opportunity for international racers and to minimize the TD 'footprint', challengers are encouraged to race as reliant as possible on commercial services along the route. However, in advance of a start, a competitor may cache food or equipment resupply at US Post Offices only, care of general delivery. Typical practice is to ship a replacement chain and fresh bike shorts to the halfway point on route. If a racer misses a resupply due to PO closure, it may be forwared to another PO down route.

5a. Once race clock begins, a rider may be assisted by a third party in receiving emergency repair/replacement items only. Food resupply is not considered an emergency. Emergency items must be shipped using a commercial shipper such as USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex, DHL, etc. Items may not be delivered privately by family, friends or even anonymous persons. Items may only be shipped to a commercial address (P.O., motel, bike shop, restaurant etc.), provided that address is equally available to all racers. Use of a private address (residence) along the route is forbidden. Use of the Race Updates blog to 'broadcast' for help (ie. conjure 'trail magic') is also forbidden.

FAQs:  If you have a question re. Rule 5 not answered below, post it using the comment form.

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Shipping a package

I wanted to ship a package to Orange Peel bikes in Steamboat, before the race starts. Is this allowed? Or does it have to be a US post office?

Re. Shipping a package

In advance of the start, racers may ship to USPOs only. Only in the event of emergency may a competitor ship an item to a non-USPO commercial biz such as Orange Peel. If you will miss, or have missed a cached item at a USPO, you may call to have it forwarded to another USPO down route for a more likely rendezvous.

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