TD Rule #7 FAQs

Rule 7 reads...

Tour Divide is a web-administered, do-it-yourself challenge based on the purest of wagers: the gentlemen's bet or agreement. Nothing to win or lose but honor.

Divide racing may be challenged at any time, however, TD emphasis is on a 2nd Friday in June (southbound) 'grand départ'. For this common start:

  • There is no Banff pre-race meeting
  • There are no checkpoints or officials on course
  • Racers alone are responsible for their safety
  • Racers alone must police their conduct
  • There is no mechanism to communicate to racers on course
  • Racers alone are responsible for communicating with their loved ones
  • Updates to the blog from racer call-ins are time-delayed and not a safety device
  • GPS tracking is also not a safety device. It is for info-only, and validation of course compliance

Again, Tour Divide simply provides a web-based framework to present racer progress. This is where TD responsibility ends.

FAQs:  If you have a question re. Rule 7 not answered below, post it using the comment form.

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SPOT tracker compulsory?


I was wondering if a SPOT tracker is compulsory for the race as I don't have one and would only ever use it once on the TD. It is also another thing to worry about / change batteries / remember to turn on / etc...

I will be mapping the route on my GPS as I go, would that suffice for inclusion on the GC board? If not how are the pre-SPOT times validated against the the on-line tracked 24/7 ones?



SPOT is not required, only encouraged, as the show is really quite fun to watch from the live online tracker. TD is in partnership with to provide those who do not own a SPOT, or care to invest in one, with a loaner.

We understand why you might want to use a GPS for nav. but honestly the aca road books (map cues) for the GDMBR are so detailed and well-kept that GPS is totally unnecessary. talk about maintaining batteries and fussing with electronics, GPS is far more high-maintenance than SPOT. One simply turns it off at night and back on again in the morning.

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