Mike Dion Enjoying the Day

Racer update about:

This is Mike Dion. Its Tuesday, 6/17 at 10 in the morning. I'm up above the pass. Up above Seeley Lake. Hiked in my knees in some snow here. Getting ready to.... Yeah, there is more snow, imagine that. Man, where did the obstacle course come from? I didn't know that was part of the ticket. Yeah that's fun. Sitting up here in the sun like I said and just kinda enjoying the day. Even though it was really tough I got thinking back ~ Boy I'd rather be up here doing this than sitting in an office or cubical somewhere, incredible stuff. So sorry all you people out there stuck in an office or cubical at the moment. Yeah, this is good. Life is good. Enjoying it. Hopely to make it to Lincoln by the end of the day. Peace.


That's our hero!

Oh yaaa! Now that's the attitude I was hoping for. Ride on!
The fam

mike dion

now that is the right attitude mike. your family is really pulling for you, and so am i keep fighting, and pushing on and on you can do it tom.

go for it!

Yeah cubicals suck, but having you to read about is making the afternoon a little better. I am envious, continue on my friend...


Have to agree, but at least we get to pass some time reading about these guys climbing peaks with all the gear over downed trees and knee deep snow right?

Good luck guys and keep up the great attitude!

GREAT Attitude

Glad to hear you're having a good day. Keep on keeping on and enjoy yourself.
Love you, Mom

Hello from Banff

Hey Mike - great to hear you are enjoying it all - I still remember that look of fear in your eyes the night before the start as I was talking to you in my garage. To know you are having such a good time gives me great joy - all the best.


OH Yay.....

Now that' s the Mike we all know! Glad you got were you need to be.....emotionally and mentally....keep that attitude.

Just remember, only a handful of you are brave enough to do what your doing! You've already done more than most people will do in their entire lives. The rest of us will be sitting in our cubicles :o)

Keep spinning those wheels,
Kelli, Eric and the girls.


Rock n' Roll!

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