Mike Dion's 3rd Bear Encounter

Racer update about:
Hey there Mike Dion. Its a little after 12 on Monday the 23rd. Got an early start. Got about 40 miles in and was hoping to find some food at this little ranch here, whatever its called. Its called Squirrel Creek Elk ranch. But there is nobody around. Its empty. Its deserted. (muffled sentence) There is a little spigot out back so I can get some water. I don’t' think there is any other food for another 40-50 miles. I didn't grab breakfast when I left this morning because I was going to eat here. I guess I’m not going to eat here. Anyways, that railroad, the 30 miles of railroad trail was kinda sandy and definitely suck your tires. I sure you heard from the other riders that tunnel was blocked where the roof collapsed. That was fun and interesting getting around that. Yes another bear encounter. My third bear sighting. About a mile past the tunnel cruising down the road. This one was off in the distance a ways probably about 100 yards. Little (well I don't know how little it was) Cinnamon colored Bear kinda cross the trail in front of me. I started hootin and hollerin again. Pretty steep bank on the left side, down to the river. So I gave it a few minutes and slowing kinda crept by. I didn't see it. I didn't see it down there. I'm done with bears. Three times, no more. So I'm going to get rolling again and hopefully get some food. Cool. (recorder time: 2008-06-23 13:13:09 EST.) Note - This is the tunnel Mike is talking about. Getting around this must have been tricky because it is on a cliffside.


good times

This is turning into such a great adventure for all of you.

How many extra calories you packin'?

Rubber down.


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