Stephen Gleasner on the Hoot Factor of Richmond Peak

Racer update about:

Hello this is Stephen Gleasner calling in from Seeley Lake. I have made the Richmond Mountain clean. Everything went well there. However, I could see how if it hadn't been snowed in up there the top section would have been a real hoot as it was the hoot factor was zero. I liked the climb up and I liked the descent into Seeley Lake and I'm hold up in a Hotel right now. This is the best that I have felt after a day's ride yet. I'm looking forward to a good day tomororw. I think that does it. Safe here. Going to get up the road tomorrow. See ya.


Glad you made it through Richmond Pass

Good Job Stephen - we've all be thinking good thoughts for you as you approached the pass. Happy to hear you made it up and back down, even if there weren't any hoots to be found. Have a good day tomorrow!

snow etc.

We're with you every step of the way. You've turned me into a blue dot junkie. Keep your wits about you. You're going to need them. We love you. If love alone would do it, you will be flying all the way to MExico. Your Denver cheering section. P and M.

Blue Dot junkie is right!

madmen, all.
Greetings from Camden! We missed you at the Junior Mountain Bike League 1st night, but Clarke and the grrrls were there... all are well and full of trail stories about you! Very impressive, and I expect to see video somewhere in this damned machine...
Ride strong, and stay well! All the best from friends in Maine! Mark, et al.

Keeping track!

Hey Stephen! This SPOT Leaderboard is cool! Good to hear you are doing well and having a good time. I got my new lathe yesterday and am having a hard time leaving it alone while I do work that needs to be done...

Keep them pedals turnin'!!

Chris from Maine (CFC student of a couple weeks ago...)

We are right there w/ you

Steve, met you at the pump track. Patty turned us onto this page at WCTC. Been following you ever since. Might even do it myself next year, and I don't say that lightly. Haven't been to Bannack since I was 15. Keep up the good work. We will keep 'watching' you from afar.

Dear Stephen

6/19 Stephen, We're with you Alllllll the way! We've been thinking about you up there in the Rockies keeping ahead of the bears, following you on line on the hybrid topographical map, splendid you having a great time in the TALL Mountains. We have mentioned this race to other folks at work & some are very envious. We'll all miss you @ AWG tonight. You are a Great Inspiration. Glad to know that you could sleep inside @ Seeley Lake. R & P from the Rockies of Appleton.

Hammering man

Steve, Watching your little dot move south is quite a thrill, gives a fellow ideas. Alex and I agree that seeing you out there is inspirational. It's more fun than watching the Celtics win the championship! I can only imagine what a blast it must be for you.
You are a hammer. Well done.
The Grays

Bubba ride report

You don't know what you're missing. We did about 6 miles in 2 1/2 hours. As we were doing the post ride malt bev refuel thoughts were turned in your direction. Go man go. Fly like the wind. Being bear fodder not allowed. Drink it in. Stay positive and healthy. Make us envious slackers proud.


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