Chris calls in from Del Norte

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Hey Tour Divide racers, this is Chris Plesko from Del Norte.  What can I say?  More rain!  Got rained on last night and most of the afternoon yesterday and then again this morning coming into Del Norte.  Last night I had dinner in the bathroom at the Dome Lakes, and since it didn't stop raining, I decided I would just sleep there until it did.  So that's what I did until, I don't know, 2:30 or 3:00 this morning and then I boogied on into Del Norte.  The course is pretty good, it's definitely hard between Salida and Del Norte and there's a monster climb right out of here, but I'm going to load up on some food and get on with it and see where we get.  Umm, yeah, and oh and the double track primitive road into Del Norte is a lot of fun, so any of those Divide racers coming through... have a good time on that road!  You can even get some air here and there -- I'm not sure that's a good idea when you've been riding for seven hours at 10 am, but... it's fun anyway!  Alright, talk to you later, bye.


Mmmmmmmmmmm.....catching air

Mmmmmmmmmmm.....catching air on a dirt road. Sounds like fun.

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