Chris calls in from Sargents

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Hey everybody this is Chris Plesko, calling in from Sargents. Had a long morning in Saluda getting my bike into tip top shape. Got a new drive train and a new rear tire and some fresh bearings in a few places, after our mud fest in Montana. Hopefully this is all good to go and will get me to the end. Other than that, got over Marshall Pass, got hammered by storms for ignoring the Colorado rule of being over passes early. At least I am dried out a little now. Going to head on from Sargents. Next stop, is Dell Norte and then the edge of Colorado is getting dangerously close.  I can hardly believe it. Yeah, hope all the other racers are doing really good. Bye!


your last state

Yeah for being dangerously close to the edge of colorado! You are doing a great job, keep on pedaling!

-Vanessa (Deanna Adams sister)

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