Justin calls to officially say he’s touring.

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Hey, it’s Justin. I’m not sure what my SPOT is telling you but I am in Jackson still. I made the decision yesterday afternoon that I don’t want to keep doing the route at the pace I’m going. I’ve learned that after a week of going about 125 miles a day is just not the way I want to do it. Y’know, I’ve been really into the Great Divide for so long and I feel like I’m not enjoying it. I’m missing opportunities. I’m missing seeing great places along the way. I’ve passed up opportunities to see people and good friends just in the first week alone and I have more regrets over all the things I’ve passed up more than regretting stopping this pace in the race. I mean the Divide is something I definitely want to finish and plan to finish, but it’s not going to be in race form. That’s what I’ve learned so far. So, I am in Jackson, taking it in: The Tetons, Yellowstone, some friends. I’m going to continue doing some riding of course, but like I said, it’s not in race form for me. I learned that in the first week, and even when I first got into Whitefish and saw Kathie Love along the way and could only see her for a few minutes, it was very emotional and I felt like I was just not doing the route and taking the trip as I want to, so it’s no longer a race for me. I’ll be covering what I can before I have to go back to work, and then I’ll come back out here again and finish the route, but I’m done racing. Best of luck to everyone else out there. And thanks again. Bye.


Embrace the random! Carpe

Embrace the random!

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero!

Happy Trails Justin!


Enjoy the ride!

Your voice says it all: You're finally having fun. Enjoy your next week touring the Divide. We can't wait to hear all about your journey. :)

Good Luck!

Impressive Jas! Can't wait to see you hunting for eggs Sunday! Remember, I don't go stretchy!

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