Justin from Columbia Falls

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Hey, it's Justin Kline.I got cut off last time, but anyway, we are in Columbia Falls. It’s me Josh, and Steve. Yesterday was pretty rough, we did about a hundred and fifty from Elkford to just past the border. The new Canadian section had a ton of climbing, real long day. We got over the border pretty late. I think the border guard thought I was smuggling a softball in my spandex, but I made it through. Steve had a little trouble of course, being from out of the country, but we ended up getting through. Dinner at the First Chance Last Chance. Nice little frozen pizza at about 12:30. Ray on the single speed rolled in and we ended up sleeping next to the bar which we found out in the morning was a pet relief station , but it worked out. Pretty easy day today. We did about a hundred and ten to Columbia Falls, trying to recover from yesterday and the four hours of sleep we got. So, we’re getting a good night’s sleep tonight and we’ll push on in the morning. Talk to you later. Bye.


SO good to hear your voice!

SO good to hear your voice! Hope your legs--and mind--stay strong!! We're all rooting for you in PA! Pedal, pedal, pedal. :)

Hockey Player

What's a hockey player doing riding in a 2700 mile bike race???? Guess the hockey days are over. Been watching your progress via the tracker map. Good luck! Enjoy the ride; from the comments everyone's leaving it sounds like an awesome ride.

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