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Matthew Lee ~ Power to the People Riding the Divide

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Hey there Matthew Lee here in a very loud bar in Boulder. Its the only telephone I could find. I'm getting ready to head across the first portion of the Great Basin. It is sure is nice to be riding the bike continously again without post-holing through drifts. I don't know if I will make it to Atlantic City tonight or not but that is the idea cause I kinda like to get an early start on Rawlins. So we'll see how that goes. I also wanted to Wish Great Divide Racers good luck. I think they started yesterday. Read more »

Snow Report from Matthew Lee

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Hey there Matthew Lee at Flagg Ranch. 2:28 on Friday. I just have to say WOW. Another solid time bonus section coming into here on Ashton-Flagg Ranch road. I'm sure you probably heard from Reuben. There is probably about 4 miles of actual snow hiking and another 3 miles of intermittent hiking and dismounting for mud and snow. Good times. OK, headed out to Union Pass. And considering that that is several thousand feet higher, I'm expecting more snow. Alright, bye.

Matthew Lee headed out to the Sentential Valley

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Hey there, Matthew Lee calling from Lima, MT. I caught up with Ardie coming out of Big Sheep Creek Gorge and we rode together into Lima. Just had some lunch at Jan's. Heading out into the Sentential Valley. Weather is good. No strong winds. Temps relatively mild. Good times, good times. OK cheers.

Matthew Lee blew a Seal on his Shock but is back on Course

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Hello this is Matthew Lee calling from Wise River, MT. It is 4 o'clock. I had to stay over in Butte last night because of a mechanical. I blew a seal on shock and had to wait for a part to come and as soon as the shop opened we got it going. Huge Thanks to Rob of The Outdoorsman for helping getting things going. So now I think I am maybe 6 hours behind the 2nd place rider and maybe twice as much behind Reuben so I got my work cut out for me. But should be an adventure. Anyway the weather is great. The bonus from all the snow in high country is the flowers are pretty amazing. Read more »

Matthew Lee Calls In at Lincoln

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Hey there Tour Divide Racer, Matthew Lee, here in Lincoln, MT. It is 3:41PM on Monday. Getting a sub, choc milk and taking more blue pills. All is good. We finally ran into some ridable weather, ridable terrain. Reuben and I did. He is around here somewhere taking care of some errands, mailing something home or something so you might here from him too. Heading on hopefully to Helena. OK, cheers.

Matthew Lee and Reuben Kline Make it Through Richmond Peak Trail Tree Tops

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Good morning, its 8:30 Monday and its Tour Divide Racer Matthew Lee sitting in Seeley Lake at the Chicken Coupe eating breakfast and trying to warm up. Yesterday was another tough day on the route as 100s of fallen trees blocked the route through the Missions and the Swan. the 120 mile ride was punctuated by Merrill Pass and Richmond Peak Trail. The last mile of the dirt road was snowed in but managable hiking. Richmond Peak Trail was a different story. It was 4 miles of full on alpine traversing through 10' drifts along cornices and through tree tops. The sketch factor was high. Read more »

Matthew Lee calling in from Columbia Falls

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Hey tour divide, this is Matthew Lee calling from Columbia Falls. Its about 8AM on Sunday. I want to wish my Pop a Happy Father's Day and all the other Fathers out there. I stayed in Whitefish last night and had to take some time to do some clean up and recovery. The hike a bike last night was brutal. There is about 3 1/2 to 4 miles of full on post holing on top of Red Meadow Pass. I wish the tour divide racers the best of luck coming through. Its exciting. Anyway off to Ovando or Lincoln today. OK bye.

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