Dave Nice

Dave Nice is Headed Home to Colorado

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Hello its about 3:30 or 4:00 pm. I'm calling from Condon, MT. I'm off route. I'm throwing in the towel. I've been fighting a fever and chills most of the day. At this point, my plan is ride to Missoula and catch Greyhound or Flight Home back to Denver. Feeling really crappy. I've been coughing most of the day and night. Didn't make it that far yesterday. Not working so great. Anyway good luck to everyone else out there. Hope everyone has much better luck than I. Anyway, later.

Dave Nice is Feeling Much Better Today

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Hello everybody, Dave Nice, about 12:30 calling from the Echo Lake Cafe near Ferndale. Feeling quite a bit better today although still quite numb some chills and fever on the bike but feeling light years better than yesterday. Gonna see how far I can make it and just camp out and get semi-close to Richmond Peak and all that stuff. Get some trash bags and make some getto gaitors and huff it over the peak hopefully early in the morning. Hopefully Thursday. Hopefully its a little firmer Yep, Swan City I guess. See how many Great Divide racers catch me and all that good stuff. Read more »

Dave Nice suffering with at Head Cold

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Hey, everybody. Its Dave Nice. Its about noon on Tuesday. (Loud Coughing) I stopped in Columbia Falls. I'm going to lay low today and tonight. Try fight this head cold I got going. I had some chills last night and some fever action. Trying to kick this in the aXX. Lost my breakfast on Tamarack Road, that was fun. Anyway going to try to rest lay low and see how I feel in the morning.Llater.

Dave Nice Calls in from Whitefish

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Hey its Dave. Its about 8:30 pm. Calling from Whitefish. Just had a beer and some food. Ran into Geoff from Juno. Going to hang out with him tonight. His hotel room. Get cleaned up. The snow was not fun to hit it in the afternoon. But you know 90 miles in 12 hours thereabouts. I wish I was moving a little faster, but you know what it is what it is. Can't think of anything else at the moment. Later.

Andy Buchanan Doing Well in Eureka

Hi Joe, Hi Sherry, this is Andy, # 1 on the start list but I think I'm at the end of the line at the moment. I'm in Eureka. I spent the night in the Riverside Park with Dave and Stephen Gleasner. Doing well, a little sore in places, but you know perseverance and just keep turning the peddles over. I crossed the border yesterday about 3PM, got into Eureka at 4PM and decided to spend the night here. Doing well. We are going to press onto Whitefish today. We'll see everybody out there. Bye.

Dave Nice had 3 Flats today and still says it is a Good, Good, Good Stuff!

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Hey guys, its Dave Nice. Its about 4:45pm. I'm in the US again. The land of the dollar. Normal temp ranges. Today, 3 flats. Beautiful weather though. Good, Good, Good Stuff. I am probably going to eat in Eureka and push on to base of Whitefish Divide and camp out for the night. Feeling a lot better today than I was yesterday. The Border Guards were giving me a little crap for being a day behind. I went through the Border without a hitch. Hope everybody is doing well. Later.

Dave Nice on the Bad Weather in Canada

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Hello Tour Divide Armchair Watchers, this is Dave Nice calling in from Fernie, BC. Its Saturday at 8:15pm. Canada is kicking my a..... It is absolutely fantastically gorgeous. Last night rode until about 11pm, set up my camp and proceeded to get snowed, lightening and hail during the course of the night. Only got 3 hours of sleep last night. This morning, I pushed my bike through a lot of mud. Almost Trans Iowa 2 epicness if you have read about that. Not quite as deep but just as sticky. About 160 miles in and chillin out at a hostel. Going to sleep in. Read more »