Stephen Gleasner

No Thai for Stephen Gleasner

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Steve Gleasner in Rawlins. Its about 5 o’clock on Sunday. I was recommended a Thai restaurant when I was coming into town by some hikers who were heading out on the trail. So I had a whole thing in my head going on for the past 20 miles out there in 90 degree heat coming off the blacktop about Thai food and how that would be really fine. . Thai food is closed on Sunday and so is everything else I try to do. I finally got at Pita roll-up and that seemed to suffice, but it wasn’t Thai. Going to wait out the heat a little bit then get a couple more miles. Wait for it to cool off and camp down the road. Until next time, bye. (recorder time: 2008-06-29 17:54:54 EST)

Stephen Gleasner Headed into the Basin

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Hello this connection doesn't sound very good from your end but I'm hoping its good from my end. This is Steve Gleasner. I'm at the Grub Steack about to cross into the waterless, treeless land of the Basin. Its lunch time on Saturday. All things going well. Feel rested. Off I go. Down the road. (recordeder time: 2008-06-28 14:40:56 EST)

Stephen Gleasner had a Great Day

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Hello Stephen Gleasner calling in from Mack Inn. The call before wasn’t feeling very good. I guess it would be safe to say that I felt as bad as I’ve felt. I don’t know why. I thought it might have been the cough that I still have. But I feel great today and I made it to Macks Inn. The cough is not something that bothers me but I thought that may it had tapped something with my fuel core, my energies that felt like they had been completely and totally zapped. I thought it seemed logical maybe some immune thing. Now I rode all well all day. Felt good all day. Felt happy all day. Left Lima late and got to Mack Inn in enough time to have some pizza, set up a tent and get a shower and hopefully off early in the morning. Down the road. Until next time. Goodbye. (recorder time: 2008-06-24 23:27:57 EST)

Stephen Gleasner Movin' on Down the Road

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Good Morning, Its Steve Gleasner. Its Tuesday morning, I’m calling in from Lima. Yesterday was a real bad day getting to Lima, I called in about it. The easy ride was not easy and today I’m feeling a little bit better. I’ve gotten a little bit of rest and I’m gonna move on. That’s my report. So, I’m packing up and moving down the road, and there we have it. Thanks for all of the encouragement. My wife read me some of the advice and that sort of thing and hopefully we can punch through this fatigue and get on with it. So down the road we go, bye. (recorder time: 2008-06-24 08:00:35 EST.)

Stephen Gleasner Has a Tough Day

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Hello Steve Gleasner calling in from Lima. Its about Monday at 5 o'clock. Today was my toughest day yet. I only made it from Grants to Lima. My theory is this cough that I have had since day one or two has kinda crept into my energy cells. So I checked into a hotel here in Lima and going to reassess in the morning. See what I can do, if I can do anything to get myself going a little better than I did today. Anybody that has ridden the ride from Lima to Grants will tell you that its not very tough. It isn't. Its mostly down hill. I was like a sack of potatoes riding through on my bike. So anyway, I'm trying to put myself back together. That's that. Until later, bye. (recorder time: 2008-06-23 18:08:11 EST.)

Stephen Gleasner Headin' out of Butte

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Hello it is Saturday almost 4pm. This is Steve Gleasner. Just heading out of Butte. Filled up on groceries, espresso double shots, little debbie cakes, cliff bars, just about to take the cover off a JATO Rocket here, so stand back. Just stopped at The Outdoorsman. The Bike Shop there. Rob and his guys are all into it. They are really a sight for sore eyes. They will help you with whatever. It is a wonderful store. Can't say enough about it. All fueled up. Got some food in a restaurant near by and headed out. All is well. Until next time, down the road. Read more »

Blue Sky for Stephen Gleasner

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Hello this is Stephen Gleasner. Blue Sky Motel in Lincoln, MT. I had kinda of a short day today coming from Seeley Lake. Nice and fast pace. I met up with Chris who is single speeding down on a solo mission. So we matched (or massed?) pace today. That was good for me because he is quite a bit faster and just kinda stretched me out. Feeling good. Tomorrow attacking the next thing after Helena, I believe. All systems are go. Big meal. ..... Eating. Legs feel good. Got a bit of cough, but that just makes me sound sexy. There it is. Travel Safe.

Stephen Gleasner on the Hoot Factor of Richmond Peak

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Hello this is Stephen Gleasner calling in from Seeley Lake. I have made the Richmond Mountain clean. Everything went well there. However, I could see how if it hadn't been snowed in up there the top section would have been a real hoot as it was the hoot factor was zero. I liked the climb up and I liked the descent into Seeley Lake and I'm hold up in a Hotel right now. This is the best that I have felt after a day's ride yet. I'm looking forward to a good day tomororw. I think that does it. Safe here. Going to get up the road tomorrow. See ya.

Andy Buchanan Doing Well in Eureka

Hi Joe, Hi Sherry, this is Andy, # 1 on the start list but I think I'm at the end of the line at the moment. I'm in Eureka. I spent the night in the Riverside Park with Dave and Stephen Gleasner. Doing well, a little sore in places, but you know perseverance and just keep turning the peddles over. I crossed the border yesterday about 3PM, got into Eureka at 4PM and decided to spend the night here. Doing well. We are going to press onto Whitefish today. We'll see everybody out there. Bye.

Stephen Gleasner VS. the Maps

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Hello, its 6:44 pm. Steve Gleasner calling in from Eureka. Having a good time today, relaxing day and seems like it is coming easy. Ready to maybe do a little more. Had a little comedy with map today, skipped a block and it sent me off course again. Getting to be a habit but its making me stronger, helping me whip myself into shape here. I'll be calling from down the road.

(Hard to hear so I had to guess at some of this. I'll fix later if necessary after Joe uploads to mtbcast.)