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Felix Wong Tells us how to Bear Proof your Campsite

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HI this is Felix Wong calling at 7:05 on Saturday, June 2lst from Lima, MT. I've had a good couple of days riding. Yesterday, despite starting about 8:15 I managed to cover about 110 miles riding until about 11 pm. The only spot that seemed to be really slowing me down was this absurdly steep downhill which I had to be weaving while walking my bike down. Otherwise, I felt like I was flying pretty much for the rest of it. I've been really feeling strong. This morning, well today, I cranked out about 108 miles and its still pretty early so I'm probably going to carry on. Read more »

Stephen Gleasner Headin' out of Butte

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Hello it is Saturday almost 4pm. This is Steve Gleasner. Just heading out of Butte. Filled up on groceries, espresso double shots, little debbie cakes, cliff bars, just about to take the cover off a JATO Rocket here, so stand back. Just stopped at The Outdoorsman. The Bike Shop there. Rob and his guys are all into it. They are really a sight for sore eyes. They will help you with whatever. It is a wonderful store. Can't say enough about it. All fueled up. Got some food in a restaurant near by and headed out. All is well. Until next time, down the road. Read more »

Mary Collier Temporarily Off Route for Treatment to her Leg

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Hey its Mary Collier. I've reset my SPOT unit. But now you will notice that it is in Dillon, MT. I had to pull off route for a little bit to get some work done on my leg. Having an issue with swelling. So I need to take care of that for a day then I'm hoping to jump back on route in the morning. I'll keep you posted. Good night.

(recorder time: 2008-06-21 14:07:11 EST.)

Alan Goldsmith Enjoys the Rail Trail

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Morning this is Alan Goldsmith. I'm the Squirrel Creek Elk Ranch. Just had some breakfast after a beautiful trip down the rail trail. I don't know what people have been saving about it in the past. But I thought it was absolutely awesome. Fast, fun and so beautiful. At 6 in the morning, its bug free and beautiful. Anyway, we are going to be heading into WY now. Looks like we are going to have some snow. The Tetons look awfully white. So I'll talk to you from WY. Bye.

(Recorder call in time: 2008-06-21 10:52:07 EST.)

Update: Saturday 21st @ 7am

Update: Saturday 21st @ 7am
Looks like Reuben Kline isnt waiting at the front for someone to ride with, though Matt Lee has ridden late into the past few nights to try and catch up. The only one within spiting distance of the record is Reuben (if he maintains his pace). My prediction of less snow in Wyoming didnt ring true, somewhat suprisingly there is snow at around 7300 feet close to the ID/WY border. The two 9500 feet climbs in the 100 miles after should be interesting. Read more »

Reuben Kline reports More Snow along Togwotee Pass

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Hi this is Reuben Kline. Call in, I believe that is Saturday morning. Somewhere around 9 o'clock. I'm sitting in the Place Cafe on the back side of Union Pass. I went over Union Pass last night and which thank god it wasn't too bad. But Togwotee Pass was not the most pleasant thing in the world at all, yesterday afternoon. But last night coming over Union I was very happy to see big open roads with occasional patches of snow. Things are going well and I'm about to eat a big stack of blueberry pancakes. Bye bye.

Kevin Montgomery Update

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Trish posted this comment to Kevin's last call in blog. I thought I'd share it in case you didn't notice the comment as I know that everyone was concerned about whether Kevin got a ride and wanted to know that he was OK. The good news is Trish wrote:

"I just talked to Kevin. He got a ride to Idaho Falls. He is going to rent a car, look for a doctor, and then head back to San Francisco."

Kevin, take care of yourself. safe travels. Sherry

Adrian Stingaciu Enjoying the Scenery

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Hi this is Andrian Super Vegan calling in from Lima, MT on Friday, June 20th at 10:20 pm. Just got into town. Long day. Last couple of days have been quite adventurous. Yesterday, descending into Basin I was sweatin bullets over the directions up there. There seem to be an extra direction which threw me off, but luckily I didn't get lost. Seemed like half the tire tracks when left and half the tire tracks when right. Then today again I sweatin bullets over the directions, but seem to taken the right route so I didn't get lost. Saw a bear today. Read more »

Alan Goldsmith living the life of Riley

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Hi this is Alan Goldsmith. I'm in Island Park. Its a little place called the Pines. We been given a luxury cabin at a huge discount. I've just had a nice glass of wine with my dinner after I've been in the hot tub. I don't know if it is in the spirit of the event, but it sure is fine. We had an easy day here. We almost considered going down the rail trail a little ways but we stopped to talk to some people and were eaten alive by mosquitoes so we decided it probably wasn't a good day and we ended up here. Read more »

Ardie Olson Calls in from Coulter Village

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Hey this is Ardie Olson. I am in Coulter Village, WY. I didn't call from Flagg Ranch because I was trying to make it to Coulter Village before they closed. I just barely did. They closed at 9:30 and I was here at 9:15. Right now it is 10 o'clock p.m. June 20th, Friday. I'm doing good. Got to find a place to sleep here. Everything is bear protected around here. So I either got to get a campsite or stealth camp somehow. I guess the Pass coming over from Island Park to get over the Tetons over towards Flagg Ranch was really tough going with lots of snow to get through the roads. Read more »