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Ardie Olson Reports in from Butte

Racer update about:

This is Ardie Olson. I'm calling from Butte, MT. It is Tuesday, June 17th at 7:35pm. Everything is going good. I got a room here in Butte to rest up and I'll head out again early tomorrow. It was tough coming through the Lava Trail area today. Very rough trail, lots of rocks and washouts and stuff like that. But was pretty typical. I expected that. The weather has been great and I'm doing good. Hope everybody else is. Goodbye.

Kevin Montgomery has a Wardrobe Malfunction

Racer update about:

Kevin Montgomery calling in from Lincoln. I believe its 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon. So I don't know I guess that’s like day 5 of something. Its in the low 80s - its pretty warm. I guess I haven't called in since the Border. Day One wasn’t very interesting. Everyone probably knows about all of the snow. That sucked up about 90 minutes to 2 hours. I also had a wardrobe malfunction and ripped the heal of my sock. Read more »

MTBCast hosts Tour Divide Leaderboard

Joe Polk is now hosting our leaderboard on his site:

I can't figure out the problem with the Tour Divide site, but now you have at least 3 options to watch the SPOTs.

Sorry you have to visit more than one site for information on the Tour Divide, but hey, you probably wanted to visit anyway to hear voice recordings. The posted blogs don't tell he whole story, the voice gives it away.

Sherry O.

Steve McGuire has to further postpone TD

Racer update about:

I just got an update from Lynne.

After much thought, Steve has decided that the Tour is not in the cards for this year. His family and town need him more right now. We applaud his priorities. Steve's home was lost in the flood and he needs to be with his wife and family to help them through these times. Read more »

Blue Dots on Another Map

For those of you who really miss seeing the Blue Dots, here is another link.

We are working on trying to get leaderboard working again. SPOT seems to think Google changed something on their API. They are trying to help us.

Sherry O.

Watch the Red Dots

Until we get our leaderboard fixed, here is a link to another site where you can see RED DOTs of the racers. Thanks a million to Mike B for posting this under Comments.

Joe Polk spot with SPOT and they are looking into the problem.

Best regards.

Dave Nice suffering with at Head Cold

Racer update about:

Hey, everybody. Its Dave Nice. Its about noon on Tuesday. (Loud Coughing) I stopped in Columbia Falls. I'm going to lay low today and tonight. Try fight this head cold I got going. I had some chills last night and some fever action. Trying to kick this in the aXX. Lost my breakfast on Tamarack Road, that was fun. Anyway going to try to rest lay low and see how I feel in the morning.Llater.

Mike Dion Enjoying the Day

Racer update about:

This is Mike Dion. Its Tuesday, 6/17 at 10 in the morning. I'm up above the pass. Up above Seeley Lake. Hiked in my knees in some snow here. Getting ready to.... Yeah, there is more snow, imagine that. Man, where did the obstacle course come from? Read more »

Ardie Olson's on the Hunt for Breakfast

Racer update about:

Hi this is Ardie Olson calling in from a payphone in Helena, MT. It is Tuesday, June 17th at 9:44AM. I'm doing great. I camped out last night probably about 25 miles back from Helena outside of Lincoln, MT. I'm headed to Butte today and maybe past that if all goes well. Right now I have to find me some breakfast and get set to go. Hope everybody is doing well. I'm doing great. Bye.

Mary Collier on her Scary Night

Racer update about:

Good morning. Its Mary Collier. Tuesday, June 17th. Its about 9:15 a.m. Last night was probably one of the scariest nights in my life. I'm in Seeley Lake and I got to bed about 4 o'clock this morning. I started the pass coming into Seeley Lake at a decent hour and thougth that I would just jam through it. Didn't have any data that there was a ton of snow and snow drifts making the trail very difficult - the pass. Read more »