2010 Letters of Intent

Forest Baker

This is indeed my 'letter of intent', but I would prefer to elevate my commitment and, instead, call this my 'letter of DO'. I’ve given my 'intent' to my wife, employer, family, and friends, so now it’s time to pony-up and turn this into some 'DO'.

I DO have a leave of absence from my company.
I DO have huge credit card bills mounting up from buying loads of gear for this odyssey.
I DO have love handles and pasty white skin whose days are numbered.
I DO look forward to lining up next to other like-minded souls in Banff.

May we all make good on our intentions,

Forest Baker, 35
Sunnyvale, CA

Marshal Bird

With a simple flick of the wrist it’s TOSSED sailing; worn black felt, stained sweat band, brims front and back turned down to shed the rain; just an ole Stetson rain HAT, into the RING.

Woodland Park, CO

Dave Blumenthal

I'll be there for TD '10, it's just my kind of fun. With all my heart I'm looking forward to the liberty of a simple goal, chasing peace under a crisp dawn, developing a fine patina of scuz, and rediscovering the merits of the Little Debbie. When you're sorting out who's who in Banff, I'm the 6'-7" bearded guy on a really big Niner. Have a fun spring.

Dave Blumenthal
Montpelier, Vermont

Eric Bruntjen

I'll be back for the 2010 race. Last year was to see if I could finish, this year is to see how fast.


Eric Bruntjen
Roslyn, WA

Cricket Butler

I have some unfinished business with a bear - count me in - AGAIN!

Cricket Butler

Christina Domecq

Please allow me to ride, to suffer, and to achieve ecstasy? Nothing in 2010 has so honest a reflection of the highs and lows life can have as the Great Divide. I can't wait!

Pete Faeth

One day my wife comes home from a walk and asks me what I would like to do if there were no limits and my body was capable.  She was thinking maybe a couple of weeks Tele’ing in Tahoe, maybe a couple of weeks summiting the Sierra’s.  But no, I told her 'mumble mumble gurgle gurgle.'  What she heard was 'I am crazy.'  With that, she threw in her support, told the kids they would be fatherless for a few weeks, and asked how I was going to get outta work for that long.  No good answers to the questions but I appreciate the indispensable support from her (Cindy) and the boss (Frank, Davis PD).

So, hailing from Rancho Murieta, CA, I bring my trusty SS, more gear than the ultralight crowd, and less than the gear hogs, to endure what so few have attempted and accomplished.  Here’s to good weather, good people, and good pedaling, TD 2010.

Phillip Fogg

I'm in.
Phillip Fogg
Age, 45
Gelnhausen, Germany

Brett Foster

The hat goes in. Too long have I followed and dreamed of this race not to give it a run, so this June it's time. An adventure fueled by Pop Tarts & heat lamp burritos; can't wait.

Brett Foster
Kirkland, WA

Devian Gilbert

My name is Devian Gilbert, often they call me Devo, I love bikes, the center of my universe is the bottom bracket. My intent is to do what I love, and ride the Divide.

Devian Gilbert

David Goldberg

I will join the group for the 2010 Tour Divide simply because 'it is there', and I have not done it yet. After last summer's CTR I just had to find a longer ride, and besides I Love Bears and can't wait to meet some Canadian Osos. See you all in Banff. Beardog, Fort Collins, CO

Aidan Harding

Some part of me says that I should ride from Canada to Mexico. Between now and June, that will take on the force of will. And the will shall drive me along the big adventure. I can't wait!

Aidan Harding - England

James Helms

It is my intent to be at the start line for the Tour Divide in Banff, June 2010. Looking for the adventure of a lifetime that i have dreamed of since i was a small boy. At 8 years old my dad took me for my first bike ride out of the town we lived in, upon crossing the town limit sign i had decided that someday i would see America via bicycle. 2010 is my year, I have the support of my wife Amy, my family, and my work. My legs are fair and my will is strong, I am Looking forward to testing myself in this great adventure and making new friends along the way. Please save a spot for me! See you all in Banff

Jim Helms
Buckeye, AZ

Stephen Huddle

I, Stephen Huddle, of sound mind, and liver hereby submit my letter of intent. INSERT IGNORE a bunch of witty stuff here.

Tony Huston

'Twas a sultry summer day two years ago when a rickety green Trek, slumbering beneath a blanket of cobwebs, was wrestled up from its rotting grave, where it had lain forgotten amid rusty lawnmower blades and mildewed Igloos for years untold. This Trek’s master, a foolish dreamer whose belly betokened a great delight in the partakin’ of bacon, cursed as he hoisted his ancient steed from its tomb of rubbish and promptly bent its dirt caked derailleur.

'No worries, my emerald stallion,' assured the master gently, 'I shall repair you, and you will once again know the light of day. For I have just heard tell of a wondrous race across the entirety of this glorious nation. A race where high adventure awaits only the bravest of souls, where grizzly bears leave warm, steamy tidings in your path, and where the immensity of a man’s suffering is overpowered only by the immensity of the beauty surrounding him. Once, long ago, we were weekend warriors, o’ faithful steed. Let us hereby resurrect one another, and together shall we carve our own legend into the history of our lives! Together, we shall RIDE! That is, until I can afford a better bike, at which point your cumbersome, shambling arse can find another pile of crap to re-die in.'

That abusive bike owner was me, and that summer day marked the beginning of my quest to unshackle myself from the chains of tedium and achieve the very pinnacle of human studliness: the completion of the Tour Divide!

I fully intend to set a new course record…for 'Number of Expletives Hurled at a Steep Climb.' For I hail from the lowlands of southeast Texas, where the word “elevation” means “When you get’un idea while ridin’un elevator.” I cannot say with certainty how I will fare on the formidable mountain passes of the Divide, but my heart is passionate, my will is strong, and my sacrifices have been great in pursuit of this lofty goal, and I will not welcome the Specter of Failure casually, lest it bedevil me unto the end of my days. For me, this is not one race among many…it is the ONLY race!

Gods of the Tour Divide, please accept my bid, and let me forge my own grand tale of adversity and triumph, to forever hold dear in my soul, and with which to fill up the ears of future grandchildren, whether they like it or not.

Oh, and to those do-littles who call me an idiot for attempting such 'nonsense'...come a bit closer. I need to test my bear mace.

Jacob Johnsrud

If at first you don't succeed, do it again...but better than the first time.  I'm in.

Jeff Kerby

(Expletive deleted), go ahead and put me down. Haha! However, this year I am not volunteering for any [Flathead reroute] scouting expeditions with Glenn Butler.

Erik Lobeck

Unfinished business: Please enter me in the 2010 TD.

Suzanne Marcoe

This summer I plan on becoming unemployed and catching up on all the mountain biking that I have been missing out on in recent years. I think 2745 miles should probably cover it, so I will be lining up under Mt Rundle on June 11th. See you in Banff.

Bob Marr

Well, my intent is to finish and I think that may be a grand enough goal to start with. Gravel/dirt and rural paved roads are my favorite kind of riding, so I figure that's a plus for me. See you in Banff! I'll be the grey-haired, bearded guy on the 20 year old bike.

Calumet, MI

Chauncey Matthews

Well, I've built a couple frames that have done the TD, now it's my turn to race it! Count me in.

Blaine Nester

Please add my name to the 2010 start list. I struggled with whether or not to ride again this year but the draw of being out on the Divide is too strong.  All of the loose ends are tying up nicely. A little undertrained and overweight but with any luck, maybe I can shave a few hours from last years time. Looking forward to the challenge and all the great people along the way.

Blaine Nester
Invermere B.C.

Kent Peterson

Yeah, I'm in. I wrote this back at the end of June and it still holds: http://bit.ly/8df1ND

See y'all in Banff,
Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah, WA USA

Brad Perry

Just another 45 year old gray bearded man lining up in Banff.

See you there. Looking forward to it.

Brad Perry
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dave Preston

I will be at the starting line in Banff for the grand depart on June 11th, 2010.

Dave Preston
Seattle, WA

Mike Prochaska

Today (3/11) is good day to announce and commit. And so...I now commit to racing and finishing TD this year, starting on June 11th with a bunch of strangers. I expect to have a good time and meet some wonderful, like-minded people. Thanks for organizing this event and website, and for providing an avenue of release for the wanderlust that courses through my veins. Proud to represent what appears to be a growing Washington contingent in this years race. No, I'm not shaving my legs for this kind of race.

Mike Prochaska
North Bend, WA

Derek Richert

Despite all attempts by my 42 year old body to convince me otherwise, I am officially announcing my intent to be at the start line on June 11th. I will be in the company of good friends! Some, of whom, I have not yet met. Thanks in advance to my wife, whose support has allowed me to train and take on this challenge. Why am I doing this? Simply, to know that I can. Or, maybe so I have a reason to buy a lot of cool bike stuff! See you there!

Tom Santacroce

I, Tom Santacroce, do hereby intend to partake in this absolute silliness on the eleventh day of June, 2010. I also intend to be cheery and positive from Banff to Antelope Wells, as our predicament could ALWAYS be worse, no matter how cold, hot, rainy, dry, dusty, muddy, steep, or seemingly-endlessly-flat the road may be in front of us.

Tom Santacroce, 20, Hailing from the same hometown as Veteran Steve McGuire.

Nicolas Senie

This trip has been on my mind for one year now. It's time to do it! See you soon in Banff.

Nicolas Senie

Shawn Sheppard

Ready or not, I can't bear to watch again. Save me a spot this June. After the start, I'll be prepared, or I'll adapt. Here's hoping the former holds the majority.

Shawn Sheppard
Boiling Springs, C

Simon Temple

I would like to race in June, take photos, tell the story, and share the highs and lows of this amazing adventure?

David Tremblay

With this letter* I state my intent to be at the start in Banff on June 11 and some days later stand on the podium** in Antelope Wells, NM being congratulated by the TD podium girls***. It has been a long time goal for me to ride my bike across**** the USA. Although I have never touched a wheel to the backbone of North America, I have been training a bit here in Vermont and hope I can translate this to success in the West. I plan to finish strong and finish happy. I am looking forward to seeing some snow capped peaks, tumbleweeds, ghost towns, cacti, and sitting under the stars at night frying up Jackalopes in a large cast iron skillet. I have scoped out the competition and this year looks like the year of 100% success rate - so count me in! I look forward to racing with you all.*****

David Tremblay
Moretown, Vermont USA

* Actually it was with the purchase of the non-refundable plane ticket that I stated my intent.
**The podium for people named "David" and if necessary the sub category of those from VT.
*** Provided my daughters pick me up at the finish.
****The vertical north to south version will do.
***** Even if it is for the first 5-10 minutes of the race.

Grant Triplow

I suppose very few if any maori's have done the TD.

As the great BG said...
"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a
well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways,
totally worn-out, shouting, 'Holy sh*t! What a ride!'"
And man my ass hurts.
...and I want to see Cricket Butler doing some business with a bear.
Looking forward to it.

Christian Vedder

I need to suffer. I'm in!


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