TD Race Updates

2010 TD Provisional General Classification

2010 Edition of Tour Divide is dedicated in memory of David Blumenthal

48 Starters - 23 Finishers - 23 Scratched - Finish Time Gap: 10:15:19

  • Maize Jerseys (GC winners): Cricket Butler & Matthew Lee
  • White Jersey (top Rookie): Aidan Harding
  • Lanterne Rouge: Patrick Tsai

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TD10 Slide Show (work in progress)

We're building a slide show from images taken by racers on the 2010 grand depart. To view full size go to this link:

MTBCast: Divide Funnies

Traditionally, I have tried to collect snippets from the call ins each year that I find humorous and put them together in a montage. I thought about whether I should include anything from David Blumenthal in this montage. In the final analysis I figured that these moments show that Dave was having fun out there. So without further ado, here’s some of the lighter moments of Divide racing this year!

MTBCast: Episode 122 TD Finale GDR 22

MTBCast: Patrick Tsai finishes at Antelope Well concluding this year’s Tour Divide, reflections on this year’s race and some Divide funnies. GDR racer Nathan Jones calls in from Abiquiu as he heads down the final few days of the GDR 2010.

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Lanterne Rouge

And the prestigious ‘Lanterne Rouge’ can at last be officially awarded to Patrick Tsai, who finished in Antelope Wells yesterday in 28 days and seven hours and 29 minutes. Excellent news, and well done Patrick. You’ve earned the beers and cheeseburgers you’ve been dreaming of.
By the way, for those unaware of what the lanterne rouge represents, it is the traditional award – unofficial, there is no real red-lantern – bestowed on the last-placed finisher of the Tour de France. In the world of professional cycling it has become quite a sought after accolade for those who have no other means of distinguishing themselves from other pros hoping to earn lucrative contracts on the post-Tour circuit of criterium races that traditionally made a vital contribution to a rider’s income. If the lanterne rouge is also an engaging character, race organisers will pay well to have another Tour de France ‘name’ at their event. Patrick – the world could be your oyster.
This popularity has had its problems, however, especially in Italy. The Giro d’Italia’s equivalent award – the Maglia Nera, or black jersey – was only officially awarded for a few years before it was withdrawn due to too much underhand competition. Mind you, it was the kind of skulduggery you could excuse in such a gruelling event – extra-long café stops, pretend punctures and the like. Sounds quite appealing, really.
More important than the financial benefit, though, is the tradition of the lanterne rouge rewarding all those riders who will never win an event like the Tour de France but who, by their very presence and persistence in seeing it through to the finish, enhance the glory and merit of the winners, indeed of the race itself. In the same fashion, it’s fair to say, I think, that it’s to people like Patrick that the Tour Divide owes its appeal and derives its significance as much as to those involved at the sharp end of the race. Read more »

MTBCast: Patrick Tsai calls in with his final thoughts

Patrick Tsai called in from Deming to talk about his race. He finished with a time of 28:07:29.

Some final thoughts

A brief round up of some of the reactions of the five amigos who finished yesterday, and also of Nicolas Senie, who called in from Lordsburg and couldn’t quite remember if he’d finished that night or the night before. That’s probably justified by the fact he concluded his ride by setting what for him was a new daily record of distance covered, around 185 miles; good going, especially when it includes the last section of the Gila. He also said it was a wonderful experience, though he wouldn’t be back next year (that’s what you think now – it eats away at you…).
Dave Tremblay said he felt like he’d squeezed a small lifetime into 26 and a half days, though doing so clearly hadn’t worn him down too much as he said he could still manage a quick spin, in spite of his chapped lips. Jon Billman was back in Silver City enjoying the wonderful, unique charms of Jamie Thomson’s bike house (hello Jamie – we’ve got chickens now too, but still not as many bikes…), while Cricket Butler admitted to feeling overwhelmed – and looking forward to buying some new clothes. You can take the girl out of the Tour Divide, however, but clearly not the Tour Divide out of the girl – she wasn’t off to a boutique, but to the thrift store. That’s the spirit.
Patrick Tsai, after covering good ground, is with them in Silver City, though hopefully not joining too whole-heartedly in the celebrations in order to embark on the concluding leg to the border tomorrow. It will, I guess, be a lonely highway again by then, but I don’t imagine he’ll be too worried about that. Besides, there are still the legions of fans watching his every move, and he’ll have the Yucca plants for company – their spiky fronds conjure up images of a punk convention, at least to a slightly addled Tour Divide racer.

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MTBCast: Stephen Huddle call with some quick thanks

Stephen called back with some quick thanks!

MTBCast: Episode TD Day 27 GDR Day 20

MTBCast: Final thoughts from Nicolas Senie as well as the back peloton as David Tremblay, Stephen Huddle, Cricket Butler, and Jon Billman finish. No word from GDR racer Nathan Jones but he’s tracking inside NM!

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MTBCast: Cricket Butler called in with some final thoughts

Cricket Butler calls in with some final thoughts about the race. Her time was 26:09:36.