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Happy Human-powered Holidays

Winter has come in force to many parts of the Divide. It's hard to believe Solstice is still 10 days away.

Enjoy this E. Morris classic 'bikepacking' commercial, and stay tuned for TD 2011 presentation set for Solstice--which also features a total lunar eclipse, btw.

Happy Birthday Dave B.

November 21, 1972
Bivy in Peace
Photo: David Blumenthal

Fall ITT-D

John Nobile is cruising right along on his Autumn ITTl of the GDMBR. As of tonight he's in Lima, MT. Follow him on the Tracker: http://tourdivide.org/leaderboard

For the Wild: TD'10 Dedicated to Preservation of the Flathead Valley

2010 Tour Divide grand depart rolls out in a little over 1 hour! This year's blood, sweat and tears are dedicated to the tireless work of folks like FlatheadWild to save the very remote and wild places along the GDMBR such as the Canadian gem, the Flathead Valley. Please support further preservation of the Flathead through the simple process of registering as a 'Friend of the Flathead' here: http://www.flathead.ca/act/friends or simply click on the image below.

If you think the Flathead is just another beautiful Rocky Mountain valley, you must see this:

Flathead Wild from Epicocity Project on Vimeo.

2010 Media Coverage

TD's media darling status resumes. We'll update this post as stories are published.

Get Ready for TD!, Jeff Potter (Out Your Back Door, 5/11/10)

Bridging the Great Divide, Michael McCoy (Adventure Cycling, 5/17/10)

Davis Bicycle Officer to Tackle Tour Divide, Sam McManis (The Sacramento Bee, 5/20/10)

GDMBR Embraces BC's Flathead, ACA Press Release, 5/27/10)

Improving the GDMBR, Jennifer Milyko (Adventure Cycling, 5/27/10)

Issaquah Man Lines up for Grueling Challenge, Jake Lynch (Issaquah  Reporter, 6/2/10)

Kent Peterson Rides Off for Tour Divide, Gene Bisby (Biking Bis, 6/3/10)

Divide Diversions, Martin Kidston (Helenair.com 6/3/2010) Read more »

Two Wheels on My Wagon

Paul Howard (TD`09) has released a new cycling book as of April, available in the UK from Mainstream Publishing. US distribution to be determined. Two Wheels on My Wagon is about Paul's experience racing one of the worst-weather editions Divide racing has seen in it's 10 year lifespan. Here's a snippet of his writing style from a TD Guardian story run in Nov.`09.

thewashingmachinepost.net reviewed the book. As well, there's a blurb at Londoncyclesport.com.

Two Wheels on My Wagon is available directly from Mainstream or Amazon UK

Description: Read more »

Greetings, 2010

New year, new decade.

Incredible things happened on the self-supported MTB racing front in the 2Ks. One can only imagine what the teens will bring. 2020 vision? We can always strive.

TD10 Start List has been open for three weeks, already sports 12 riders, some good LOIs. By grand depart, we could see a peloton as big as last year.

What's new this edition? Not much, but expect rules clarifications regarding friends/family/fan visitation on course and a narrowing of the trail angel/magic definition.

If you're planning to race, good luck with prep, and stay tuned.

TD08 in Torreon, NM: Leighton boasts (to Adrian and Dominik) of bunny-hopping an Elk while descending Polvadera Mesa.

Call for Racer's Eye photo submissions

Travel Time: Infinity  by Mary Metcalf-Collier (TD`08)

Submissions for Racer's Eye Photo of `09 will be peer-juried in September. Submit entries by 9/6.

`09 Media Coverage

Working list of TD `09 coverage published to date:

Among the favorites so far: Jon Billman's very unique, excellent daily race commentary on Outside Mag's Blog, and Joel Reichenberger's, Keeping His Word, on Alan Goldsmith (TD`08,`09)

Billman Outside Mag Online Commentary: Read more »