`09 Media Coverage

Working list of TD `09 coverage published to date:

Among the favorites so far: Jon Billman's very unique, excellent daily race commentary on Outside Mag's Blog, and Joel Reichenberger's, Keeping His Word, on Alan Goldsmith (TD`08,`09)

Billman Outside Mag Online Commentary:

Tour Divide Race: Back to School Tandem-Onium (7/11/09)
Tour Divide Race: Q&A With Singlespeeder Chris Plesko (7/8/09)
Tour Divide Race: Interview With Winner Matthew Lee (7/2/09)
Day 19, Basinger Injured in Crash with Vehicle (7/01/09)
Day 18, Antelope Wells At Last (6/30/09)
Day 16, The Squid and the Whale (6/28/09)
Day 15, Radio Free Divide (6/26/09)
Day 14, The Mermaid (6/25/09)
Day 13, Record Pace (6/24/09)
Day 12, Unidentified Flying Rider (6/22/09)
Day 11, The Italian Job (6/22/09)
Day 10, Curse of the Clown (6/21/09)
  Day 9, The Women (6/20/09)
  Day 8, Mud Wrestling and Another Race (6/19/09)
  Day 7, Dog Doo and Crazy Chicken Woman (6/18/09)
  Day 6, My Wife, the Junkie (6/17/09)
  Day 5, Griz and Methane (6/16/09)
  Day 4, Tandem Team Lost (6/15/09)

By Date:

Racer's Eye Galleries:

Racer Write-ups:


Mountain Flyer report

Some great photos by Eddie Clark especially the one of Kurt riding through a storm.


How is Pete Basinger after

How is Pete Basinger after his crash with the truck

On the mend

No one from TD has spoken directly with Pete but it is reported he fractured his clavicle and maybe a bone in his hand. Maybe he's back in Moab now? The Blakley's of Del Norte Cycling Hostel were going to try and retrieve his bike from Summitville area but we haven't heard if the mission was successful. TD wishes him a speedy recovery.

Pete's in Anchorage:

Helena news article

Just ran across this. The photographer waited more than an hour to snap a few photos while we ate lunch and stopped by the bike shop.


Nice. I like the Mcguire

Nice. I like the Mcguire outhouse mention.
TdF: Penthouse
TD: Outhouse
Nice birddogging Kurt.


Steve went one better than that when he rode with me for a day - due to the outhouses' relative warmth and protection from the elements, they will henceforth be known as Montana Hiltons by the initiated few...


Jeff Kerby

Here is an article I wrote abut Jeff Kerby's second attempt at the Tour Divide. -Jason


Media Coverage

Hello Tour Divide racers and spectators,
I'm a contributing photographer for the Mountain Flyer magazine, http://www.mountainflyer.com/, and I followed the top ten racers around for a week capturing their efforts from the Great Divide Basin of Wyoming down to the San Juan Mtn's of Colorado. I commend all the racers on their extreme efforts. It was truly inspiring, and amazing.

We have published a brief web story, http://www.mountainflyer.com/news.cfm?itemid=232, and are currently working on a larger story for the printed September issue.

Feel free to contact me at eddie@photo-cycle.com if you would like to share some of your experiences from the race.

Race report, pic and video at OYB...

Hi all... I've been putting up general reports and pics plugging the TD and GDR for a few years over at http://OutYourBackDoor.com. This year was the first time that, just by luck, I encountered the race in person when I bumped into Matthew Lee in Salida, CO, as he was blazing through and took some video of our cafe chat there. It's in the Bikes section of the OYB site. Along with tons of other indie outdoor action! : ) --JP

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