An Independent Time Trial (ITT) is the earliest form of Divide racing. Although perhaps less dramatic than group starts, an independent blitz of the GDMBR is no less difficult or worthy of documentation.

Can't make the Grand Depart, 2nd week of June? Prefer the solitude of an ITT? Ready to challenge the Route from south-to-north instead? Enter: ITT-Divide, a season-long Great Divide Route tracker and updates blog dedicated to following soloists blitzing the GDMBR.

Abide by TD Rules, carry a SPOT GPS tracker or other brand of GPS logger/tracker, and finish in no more than twice the standing course record (17days x 2) to be eligible for the same Divide racing General Classification that ranks group racers. Contact us for more info.

2010 ITT-D Start List   |   2009 ITT-D Start List