Alan Goldsmith Reports on the 4 Amigos

Racer update about:
Hi its Alan, its 10 to 2 on Friday the 4th of July. I’m in Grants with Dominik, Leighton and Adrian. We set out from Cuba last night about 5 and carried on until about 10 and camped just by the road in a ditch somewhere about Pueblo Pintado or something. It was actually a very good nights sleep. My alarm went off at 4, but didn’t hear that. Slept through till 5:00, 5:30. So we traveled across here this morning. We just had pizza. I shared a pizza with Adrian. He wanted to do that. For someone who doesn’t normally eat it, he is very good at that. Now we are heading off on the second alternate, down to Pie Town. I’m not sure we’ll make Pie Town today. Its pretty hot now. But we’ll give it a shot. I guess Ardie’s finished by now too. Good luck to him. I guess we might be seeing the film crew on the way back up here. The Four Amigos heading south. Okay, Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-04 14:52:23 EST)


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