Stephen Gleasner getting some Bike Repairs at Absolute Bikes

Racer update about:
Morning, Steve Gleasner calling from Absolute Bikes in Salida, CO. My bike is on the stand and Absolute is giving it to her. They are putting new rubber on the back and fleshing up the new brakes. I should be out about 10 or so. I can’t say enough about the people here. They get right on it. They make a priority out of these crazy people that come in all sketched out. Noah Dimit (sp) is also here. He is having work done on his bike. So we have dueling bike stands going on here. Yesterday was great going over the Pass from Breckenridge. I had a wonderful time on the climb. I felt like Superman and on the downhill side it was great as well. (I’m on recording. That was the Absolute Bike guy.) Then the rest of the day was all sand and washboard out in the desert with lightening storms chasing me. There it is, down the Road. See ya. (recorder time: 2008-07-04 10:56:31 EST)


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