Erik calls from Lima

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Hi its Erik Lobeck calling in at 6:30 in Lima, I’m still Montana I believe.   It’s been a long day on the road.  I finally emerged from the rain, the wet and the cold and now we are in the sort of dry parched country.  Things are going well my leg is back into working condition, my bike however has some issues the shifting is deteriorating by the day I’ll probably have to lend it some attention at some point. Ya it has been a muddy affair so that’s no surprise. I’ll probably need a whole new drive chain once I hit steamboat if I make it there.  Let see what else.  I guess I don’t have to worry about grizzly bears anymore for a little wile until I am back in Wyoming. And ah what else can I say.. We will have to see if I keep riding tonight or if I stay in a motel here.  Not sure yet see how I feel after a big meal again food is an issue but I made it here with food to spare so I guess that’s good.  o.k.  Bye.


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