Erik from Helena

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Hi it’s Erik Lobeck calling in from Helena, It’s 9:30 in the evening.  It was a pretty long ride everything went really well.  The day before however it felt like thing really fell apart.  I lost my cycling gloves so I am riding with some socks with the tips cut off, that I modified with my pocketknife. I hope to get new set gloves in butte tomorrow perhaps.  Grizzly bear sightings were way up, yesterday I had to wait 20 min for a situation to clear where I had the mother on one side of the road and the 2 cubs on the other side of the road so that took some time.  Then there was the snow hike where I sort of stretched my left calf muscle which is probably the only part of my body that is not feeling that great and it was pretty much locked up solid today and was really really painful but I toughed it out today. Hopefully with some massage work I can get it into working condition tomorrow, well see, I don’t know, if it doesn’t improve I may have to take a down day cause it was pretty painful and I don’t want to injure myself for the rest of the ride.  anyway that’s it. Thanks



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