Erik calls in from Rawlins

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Hi this is Erik Lobeck calling in from Rawlins at about 10 at night. I got in about an hour ago. My goal was to get across the basin pretty much in a day and I am glad I did, it was hard work.  So now I am trying to re-charge my batteries.  Unfortunately I have a little tire issue I need to deal with, I have a rip in my tire so I had to stop every 10 miles to wrap duct tape around the rim and the tire to try to hold it together.  So basically what that spells out is the need for a bike shop, I kind of made it here on a wing and a prayer so I need a new rear tire. So that will probably slow me down a little bit in the morning.  Hopefully not too much, we’ll see.  Hopefully I can even find a bike shop that has a tire, at least something to get me to steamboat where I might be able to find something else. Anyway like I said that will probably slow me down a little in the morning. I had a good night camping last night in the foothills north of the basin. of course it rained so I got to start out my day with mud again.  Hasn’t been a day without mud yet so I just try to slog thru it but I am getting pretty weary of that.  Hopefully it will dry out a little bit in Colorado probably not on the trek to steamboat but maybe south of there.   Perhaps, I hope.  Anyway that’s it. OK. Bye.


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